3,000 Amazon Go stores launching by 2021

With the advancement of technology, our lives have become more and more intelligent, more and more convenient!

It is said that Amazon is considering opening 3,000 unmanned stores in 2021 to provide goods for time-critical customers.

The first Amazon Go opened in Seattle at the end of 2016. It uses sensors and lightweight automation software to allow customers to purchase and checkout without having to interact with store employees or kiosks. Since then, Amazon has been carefully studying its own model, it refused to expand too fast. Last month, the second Amazon Go opened in Seattle, and another Go store in Chicago opened this week – the first Amazon Go to open in a city outside of Amazon’s hometown. According to Amazon’s recent recruitment information, it will open more stores in Chicago and San Francisco later this year and next year.

The Amazon Go unmanned store features no queuing and no checkout – customers simply scan their Amazon Go App to get in the store, then pick up what they want, and leave.

It’s said that Amazon CEO Bezos envisions that the Go store will adopt a variety of different configurations, including a newly packaged restaurant, a limited-edition food store designed like the 7-11, and a pre-made food store. If Amazon does try a lot of different models for the Go store, it will be a strong contender for many fast food and casual restaurants.

Although the Go store’s business model is relatively new, this design is not strange to the public. When customers walk into Amazon, they use their smartphones to scan their Amazon accounts, from where they can buy sandwiches, salads, groceries, and household items. Trained sensors and software analyze and perceive the items that the customer removes from the shelf, update the customer’s shopping cart in real-time, and the checkout function is automatically completed when the customer leaves the store.

Cool, isn’t it?

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