AI News Collection -Daily AI News April 28th 2023

Here are some recent developments and events in the field of AI:

  1. Japan is setting up a new “strategy council” to discuss national AI strategy and provide policy guidance.
  2. The EU is proposing new legislation that would require AI service providers to disclose the copyrighted materials used in their systems.
  3. DigiBuild, a US supply chain, and building software company has incorporated ChatGPT into their project to significantly reduce the time and effort required for tasks such as record keeping and phone calls.
  4. According to Goldman Sachs, the adoption of advanced productivity tools using natural language processing could lead to 7% annual global GDP growth in the next decade.
  5. Alibaba’s CEO revealed that engineers at Alibaba Cloud are experimenting with using natural language commands in DingTalk to remotely control industrial robots.
  6. Huawei’s mining laboratory has launched using AI models to improve coal mining efficiency and safety.
  7. A series of big AI model release events are scheduled, including the AI Learning Machine launch by iFLYTEK (May 6), Google I/O 2023 (May 11), World Intelligence Congress (May 18-21), Microsoft Build 2023 (May 23-25), and World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2023.

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