AI News Collection -Daily AI News May 4th 2023

  1. A White House official said that the CEOs of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and AI startup Anthropic, all owned by Alphabet, will meet with US Vice President Kamala Harris and other senior government officials on Thursday, May 4th, 2023 to discuss critical AI safety issues.
  2. Participants in the G7 digital and technology ministerial meeting agreed to adopt “risk-based” regulation of artificial intelligence. However, G7 ministers also said that such regulations should also “maintain an open and favorable environment” for the development of AI technology and be based on democratic values.
  3. The EU has reached an agreement on the “AI Act”, setting copyright rules for generative AI. This agreement paves the way for the world’s first comprehensive AI legal framework, the “AI Act”, and is expected to have a global impact.
  4. The World Economic Forum: AI may eliminate 26 million jobs in the next five years, such as cashiers, ticket agents, data entry, and accounting. However, with big data analysis, management technology, and network security becoming the biggest drivers of job growth, the net effect of most technologies in the next five years will be positive.
  5. IBM: AI may replace 7,800 jobs. IBM plans to replace these positions with AI technology, indicating that the application of AI technology will become more widespread globally.
  6. Geoffrey Hinton, the 75-year-old Turing Award winner, left Google out of concern that AI would replace humans. On May 1st, he resigned from Google after working there for 10 years, expressing concerns about the potential risks of artificial intelligence’s rapid development, worrying that AI would create convincing false images and text, thereby creating a world in which humans could no longer know what is real.
  7. OpenAI has completed a $10.3 billion financing round, with a valuation of $27 billion to $29 billion. Documents show that venture capital firms participating in this round of financing include Tiger Global Management, Sequoia Capital, California’s Andreessen Horowitz, New York’s Thrive, and K2 Global.
  8. Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog Spot has integrated ChatGPT, which significantly simplifies human-machine interaction and improves its intelligence level. On April 25th, researchers from AI company Levatas collaborated with Boston Dynamics to integrate ChatGPT and Google’s voice synthesis technology into the Spot robot dog.
  9. CallAnnie is online, starting video chat with ChatGPT. On April 27th, foreign developer Chris Frantz launched Call Annie, an app that can directly start video chats with ChatGPT. Chatting through video is more natural than text chatting and has a range of functions such as news browsing, weather forecasting, fitness coaching, and financial assistance, among others.
  10. JPMorgan Chase has launched its Robo-Fedwatchers model to decode central bank hawk-dove sentiment. The training data comes from 25 years of Fed statements and speeches by central bank officials. The model scores the hawk-dove rating based on the specificity or looseness of the content and links the specific score with a series of asset performances.
  11. Samsung Electronics has banned the use of popular generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing by employees for safety reasons and is preparing to launch internal tools. Previously, Wall Street banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup have banned or restricted the use of ChatGPT.
  12. Faraday Future announced the launch of the FF generative AI product group, which will be integrated into the company’s flagship vehicle, the FF 91. The company has integrated its AI technology with high-level models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, and other models from companies such as OpenAI and Microsoft to launch FF’s generative AI product group.
  13. At the April 28th meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, it was pointed out that “we should attach importance to the development of general artificial intelligence, foster an innovative ecology, and be vigilant against risks.” Some analysts in the securities industry believe that this is the first time that artificial intelligence has appeared at a Central Committee meeting.
  14. Medlinker announced the successful development of China’s first large model-driven AI doctor, medGPT. It is understood that the product has entered the internal testing stage and is scheduled to be officially released in May this year. Medlinker’s medGPT currently has the ability to diagnose nearly 3,000 diseases, covering more than 80% of adult diseases and more than 90% of pediatric diseases aged 0-12.
  15. MediaTek shifts focus to automotive and AI chips, and won’t engage in price wars with Qualcomm.
  16. Big model launch conferences are coming in quick succession: the iFLYTEK AI Learning Machine launch conference (May 6th), Google I/O 2023 developer conference (May 11th), the 7th World Intelligence Congress (May 18th-21st), Microsoft Build 2023 developer conference (May 23rd-25th), and the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (July 6th).
  17. Microsoft plans to release a ChatGPT version that runs on dedicated cloud servers, with data separate from other customers. Insiders say this is done to reassure customers that their secrets won’t be leaked to the ChatGPT main system. However, the cost of this product may be up to 10 times higher than the regular version of ChatGPT that customers are currently using.

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