Peashooter-like Apple AirPods Pro: Active Noise Cancellation & IPX4

Today, Apple AirPods Pro starts to sell on Apple official site.

In addition to the naming method of the earphone, AirPods Pro has significantly upgraded in design and audio quality.


AirPods Pro was designed as a funny in-ear headphone, which was fun of it on the social media for its outlook. Such as Peashooter, blow dryers, little orange man…

Peashooter-like airpods pro  

Actually, it is not the first in-ear headphone of Apple. Before the EarPods, there was a wired in-ear headphone. And the EarPods is so popular that people forgot about it.

However, this design can help to adapt the ear geometry and the fit of the ear tips better. Forming an exceptional seal for Active Noise Cancellation so that you can have immersive sound experience.

With the changing of the headphone appearance, the AirPods Pro’s charging box also change as a flatter design to fit it. The size of the AirPods Pro was about 2 times as large as the AirPods charging boxes. The weight of it was increased to 45.6g, which still supports the wireless charging.

airpods pro case


The design changes are obviously to add two new features to AirPods for a long time – Active Noise Cancellation, IPX4 Sweat and water-resistant (IPX4).

Adapting the Apple-designed H1 chip, AirPods Pro gets the incredibly low audio processing latency that enables real-time noise cancellation. It also supports the Siri voice assistant, you can summon it via “Hey Siri”.

Active noise cancellation is the Iconic of AirPods Pro. And in order to avoid the no-comfort for users because of the different human ear geometry, Apple offers three customizable fits with flexible silicone tips to users so that we can conform it. What’s more, it also supports the Transparency mode.

airpods pro audio quality

This is the mode which allows the outside sound in so that you can sound and feel natural when you’re talking to people nearby. Just press and hold the force sensor on the stem to jump between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode.

About the audio quality, it supports BlueTooth 5.0. The official introduces that it has Amazing sound quality with Adaptive EQ, but it needs to confirm after experiencing it. will review to you later.



According to the official data, AirPods Pro can be used for 4.5 hours after full-charging. It can extend the battery life to 5 hours if it didn’t turn on the active noise cancellation. Also, you can listen to music for 24 hours with its Wireless Charging Case. This is similar to AirPods. What amazing is that it can support 1hr of listening time on only 5 minutes of charging.

However, please note that this earphone needs to be used at the latest system apple devices. That means, you have to upgrade your Apple devices to the latest system, or you can’t use it.


It is priced at $249 with the white color only.

ANYWAYS, as a personal in-ear headphone, whether it has great name among the users or not, I still suggest you experience it at offline Apple store before you purchase it.


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