Apple &Google: Say No to Unwanted Tracking Devices

In a groundbreaking move, Apple and Google have announced a collaborative effort to develop industry standards for Bluetooth tracking devices. This standard aims to detect and prevent the misuse of Bluetooth tracking devices. This initiative addresses a growing concern about the potential for these devices to be used maliciously to track individuals without their consent.

What is a Bluetooth track device?

Bluetooth tracking devices are small, wireless gadgets designed to help users locate and keep track of their personal belongings. These devices typically use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate with a smartphone or tablet via a companion app. By attaching a small Bluetooth tracker to these items, users can easily locate them using a connected mobile app if they are misplaced or lost. The primary purpose is to increase convenience and reduce the frustration of losing important items.

However, there is more and more misuse of Bluetooth tracking devices in daily life for purposes that violate privacy and safety. Like tracking a person or their belongings without their knowledge or consent. This can lead to stalking and invasion of privacy. It might cause some society issues. Therefore, Apple and Google start this cooperation!

Key Aspects of the New Standards

Cross-Platform Alert System

One key feature is the cross-platform alert system. Whether you’re using iOS or Android, you’ll get an alert if an unknown Bluetooth tracker is moving with you. The alert will say, “{An item} found moving with you,” giving you critical info to take action.

AirTag Found Moving With You

Implementation in iOS and Android

  • Apple’s Update: Apple has already rolled out this functionality in the latest iOS 17.5 update.
  • Google’s Update: Similarly, Google has enabled this feature on Android devices running version 6.0 and above.

Detailed Alert Information

For iOS users, receiving such an alert means that an AirTag, “Find My” accessory, or other Bluetooth trackers compatible with the new industry standard are accompanying them. The iPhone can provide detailed information, allowing users to:

  • View the tracker’s identification number.
  • Make the tracker emit a sound to locate it.
  • Follow instructions to disable the tracker if necessary.

Commitments from Manufacturers

Several Bluetooth tracker manufacturers, including Chipolo, eufy, Jio, Motorola, and Pebblebee, have committed to ensuring their future products comply with these new standards. This commitment highlights the industry’s dedication to enhancing user safety and privacy.

Privacy and Security Measures

From the outset, AirTags and third-party “Find My” network accessories were designed with robust privacy and security protections. Apple continues to innovate and improve these measures to safeguard consumer safety. This collaborative effort with Google reinforces these commitments and sets a new benchmark for the industry.

Industry and Community Collaboration

This cross-platform collaboration is not just a significant milestone for the tech giants but also a noteworthy example of industry and community cooperation. The initiative provides guidelines and a model for other manufacturers who choose to integrate Bluetooth tracking misuse alerts into their products.


The introduction of these new standards by Apple and Google represents a major advance in the mobile operating system landscape. By setting new benchmarks for user privacy and safety, this initiative helps mitigate the risks associated with Bluetooth tracking devices being used maliciously.

As a tech enthusiast, I believe this collaboration is a significant step toward enhancing user trust and safety across all mobile platforms. What are your thoughts on this new feature? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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