Apple restarts iPhone SE4 News: 6.1-inch large screen and self-developed 5G baseband chip

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After previously predicting the cancellation of an upcoming iPhone SE 4, technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo took to social media on Monday with news that Apple has restarted work on their fourth generation model. But he did not say when it would be launched. According to the launch time of previous generations of iPhone SE, foreign media is not expected to be earlier than March next year.

For the iPhone SE 4, Ming-Chi Kuo is expected to be similar to the standard iPhone 14, the screen will be upgraded to a 6.1-inch OLED screen, and the frame will be thinner.

In addition to screen upgrades, Ming-Chi Kuo also expects that the iPhone SE 4 will be equipped with Apple’s self-developed 5G baseband chip, which will be built by TSMC using a 4nm process technology, but the current plan is to only support the sub-6GHz 5G frequency band, not the ultra-fast mm-wave band.


The iPhone SE currently on sale on Apple’s official website is the third generation launched on March 9 last year. It uses a 4.7-inch LCD screen, is equipped with an A15 bionic chip, uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X57 baseband chip, and supports 5G networks. The starting price is $429, and the 128GB version and 256GB version are priced at $479 and $579, respectively.

Ming-Chi Kuo also stated on social media that after adopting self-developed 5G baseband chips, Apple’s demand for Qualcomm’s 5G baseband chips will be greatly reduced in the future.

Judging from foreign media reports, at the 2023 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC 2023) in Barcelona, ​​Spain on Monday, Qualcomm CEO and President Cristiano Amon said in an interview that they expect Apple to have a mobile phone in 2024. Self-developed baseband chip.

It is worth noting that Guo Mingji previously predicted that Apple’s cancellation of the launch of the iPhone SE 4 in 2024 is also related to the self-developed baseband chip. Due to the poor progress of the self-developed baseband chip, they are worried that they will not be able to compete with Qualcomm’s products.

Although the relevant analysts did not give the price expectation for the iPhone SE 4, due to the higher cost of the OLED screen, upgrading the 6.1-inch OLED screen, may lead to a higher price.

Apple fans everywhere may have to wait a bit longer for the much-anticipated iPhone SE4. Apple CEO recently announced that their own 5G chips won’t be available until 2024, meaning we can expect the new phone at least sometime around then! Of course, no one knows exactly when it will make its way onto store shelves or what exciting features and hardware upgrades this device might boast.
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