After Apple WWDC 2018, I look forward to New iPhone again!

Apple WWDC 2018 keynote wrapped up in San Jose, California on June 4th, it covered all of the news live, including the headline announcement: iOS 12.

I am not a real apple fan although I used Apple products: iPhone 8 and MacBook Air, and in 2017, the bad user experience of iSO 11 made me and my friends crazy and we started to lose heart to Apple products, we all think the new ISO has nothing special. We all won’t pay for any apple products if it doesn’t have any improvement. However, after Apple WWDC 2018, I start to look forward to the following new iPhone for a variety of amazing features of iOS 12.

In this WWDC, Apple first successfully solved 2 problems we worried about.

Prior to the release of iOS 12, Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president, said that iOS 11’s overall satisfaction rate reached 95%. What a beautiful number!

This time, Apple also began to solve the historic bugs that cause the device to run slow. IOS 12 will be available on the same devices as iSO 11, this is the largest base ever supported by an Apple release. And using iSO 12, even the oldest iPhone device, apps launch up to 40% faster, the keyboard can come up to 50% faster, and you can slide to take a photo up to 70% faster.

And for the CPU performance problem, iOS 12 will automatically adjust the CPU performance of all the range of Apple devices according to the devices’ requirements to avoid the problem and improve the battery life to make sure a better user experience.

After solving our worrying problems, the Apple team showed us a series of excellent features of the iso 12. Let’s know them one by one!

1. AR Function

Making an easy way to experience AR across the system,  it creates a new file format AR: USDZ, a compact, single-file format, that’s optimized for sharing while retaining great 3D graphics and even animations. People can use USDZ across the system from the files App, to Safari, even sharing them over messages and mail. And what’s great, is you can place these 3D objects into the real world, like a 3D quick look! And working with leading companies for 3D tools and 3D libraries and with the support of Adobe Creative Cloud, all kinds of creatives to be able to create content for AR quickly and easily if you have a great idea.

2. ARKit Upgrade

The development kit for developers ARKit is upgraded to the second generation, mainly improved face tracking, realistic rendering, 3D object detection, sharing experience, and so on.

And based on ARKit 2.0 and using AR technology gameplay, some games are developing, and with the Apple AR technology. We can simulate various virtual images and buildings in a real environment. It is very amazing!

3. Optimize the Photos function

In iSO 12, the search refinements of iPhone Photos will be optimized, it not only can give you search suggestions when you start to type to search but also can sort out the photos for you based on different themes automatically. What’s more, iso 12 will remind you automatically to share the photos with your friends or family, and the encryption sharing process is secure!

4. Smarter Siri

This time, Siri will have a new feature called shortcuts to help us take advantage of the power of the app, with shortcuts, any app can expose quick actions to Siri. It can help you to order coffee automatically if you have that hobbit as usual. And there are Siri’s suggestions, such as when you go to a movie, Siri will suggest you that turn on the “Do Not Disturb”. It should be considered. And you can set your own shortcuts as users, multiple steps across multiple applications, and you can do something like create a shortcut for surf time with shortcuts APP. And you can get your surf report, look up the current weather, get the ETA to the beach and even create a reminder to you to put on sunscreen when you get there!

5. Update some APP

For a better user experience, some APPs have some optimizations. The news app has added a sidebar to the iPad for easy navigation and highlighting of the content. Restructuring the interface of the stock app and getting across the news applications for people can the trend of the stock all day and read the financial news at the same time. The voice memo now can supports iCloud and iBooks was renamed Apple Books with an all-new design. Carplay will support third-party navigation apps, you will have more choices when you use car play!

6. Anti-mobile phone addiction

Since mobile phone addiction has become a social issue, both Google and Apple have invariably added “anti-indulgence” to the system update this year.

The Do Not Disturb feature will turn off the visual notification of the cellphone. When the person thinks of her in the night or dreams of her, the mail will not brighten up the silence and darkness of the night.

Deliver Quietly (silent notification) pushes messages silently, doesn’t show on the lock screen, doesn’t make a sound, and doesn’t mark the app in the top right corner.

Grouped Notifications can group certain types of notifications. WeChat messages no longer have the feeling of bombardment.

Reports (application reports) can be used to inform users as a weekly activity summary of which apps are used most, which apps have the most notifications, which apps you first used when you wake up on the day, etc. Then start controlling your use time according to the report.

App Limits can specify the time of use for an application. Of course, this is not mandatory. You can schedule it yourself.

Allowances (Parcels?) is a new feature for parents to limit their children’s use of apps.

7. Communication and Emoji

The message has given us fun ways to express ourselves via emoji and Animoji. Animoji has added 4 new emoticons (Ghost, Koala, Tiger, and T-Rex), users can also customize Animoji for themselves and use various scenes – this is the new Memoji technology. What’s more, it is so cute for its Tongue Detection.

With Memoji, now FaceTime also started to support group videos, up to 32 people on a basis of online. Such as the picture BELOW is Apple CEO Tim Cook using Memoji and FaceTime to chat with everyone. Can you recognize he is Cook?LOL!

Above all, a series of excellent features of the iso 12 is right here! This version is mainly to solve some of the historic issues, and then updated on a number of small feature points, and even for the unpopular applications of News and the stock app. Of course, what interested me is the AR function, I have started to imagine measuring real products with iPhone via the measure APP and play the game by simulating various virtual images and buildings in a real environment! Moreover, what surprised me is a few new features about Anti-mobile phone addiction, they are practicality and humanity, I think it probably is the first reason for people choosing to upgrade to iOS 12!

All in all, after watching this WWDC, I start to look forward to the new iPhone with the ISO 12 version!  What about you?

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