Apple WWDC 2024 Highlights: Innovations and Updates

If the highlight of WWDC24 had been “iPad finally gets a calculator app,” it would have been a joke. Luckily, Apple redefined AI by introducing Apple Intelligence, a system-level integration of generative models into iPhone, iPad, and Mac. WWDC24, Apple introduced several groundbreaking updates and innovations aimed at enhancing user experiences across its ecosystem.  All WWDC24  previews are set down now! Here’s a comprehensive look at the major announcements along with some analysis and insights into each feature.

Apple Intelligence: A New Paradigm in AI

Different from Artificial Intelligence, Apple unveiled Apple Intelligence. It is a new AI concept of the Apple system. It stands for system-level integration of generative models into iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Unlike specific features or services like Siri or Apple Music, Apple Intelligence holds a strategic position by enhancing user experience through advanced AI and machine learning. It understands personal context, prioritizes notifications, offers intelligent writing tools, creates custom images, and automates tasks across applications.

Key Features:

  1. Language Processing: The built-in large language model helps with rewriting, proofreading, summarizing, and assisting in writing tasks. Users can customize the tone and style, making it friendly, professional, or even poetic.
  2. Image Generation: Apple Intelligence can generate stylized images based on app content, enhancing the visual appeal in apps like Notes and iMessage.
  3. Task Automation: It predicts needed functions based on-screen content and performs actions on behalf of users, such as prioritizing notifications and managing messages.
  4. Privacy First Approach: Apple Intelligence processes data on-device using the A17 Pro and M-series chips, ensuring that personal data is not collected or stored externally. This local processing maintains user privacy while delivering powerful AI capabilities.
  5. Siri Evolution: Enhanced by Apple Intelligence, Siri now offers more natural and context-aware conversations and supports both voice and text inputs. Siri integrates with ChatGPT for professional queries, further augmenting its capabilities.

Note: Apple Intelligence will only support iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPad, and Mac devices equipped with M1 or later chips. The language of Siri and the device must be set to English (United States)

Analysis: Apple Intelligence marks a significant advancement in how AI can be integrated seamlessly into everyday tasks, emphasizing privacy—a critical concern for many users. The ability to process data on-device ensures security while leveraging the powerful capabilities of Apple’s hardware. This move not only sets Apple apart from competitors but also aligns with growing demands for data privacy. The integration with ChatGPT could potentially revolutionize how users interact with their devices, making Siri a truly indispensable assistant.

Siri Gets Smarter with Large Models

For thirteen years, Siri has been on a quest to become smarter. With the advent of GPT-4o, the landscape of human-computer interaction changed overnight, outpacing all voice assistants. In response, Apple integrated Apple Intelligence into Siri, enhancing its capabilities and making interactions more fluid and natural. Users can now ask Siri about local weather conditions before a beach trip, and receive instant, conversational responses.

Enhanced Context Understanding

Siri now excels at understanding the context and personal situations. For example, if you need to pick someone up from the airport, Siri can plan your route and book a restaurant based on past conversations. Additionally, Siri supports seamless switching between text and voice inputs, making it more versatile.

Integration with ChatGPT

In a significant announcement, Apple confirmed its collaboration with OpenAI, integrating ChatGPT into Siri and across the entire system. This allows users to access advanced AI functionalities without needing to register for an account. Paid subscribers of ChatGPT can link their accounts for enhanced features.


The integration of ChatGPT into Siri marks a transformative step in making the assistant more intuitive and helpful. This collaboration promises a smarter Siri that can manage tasks more efficiently and provide accurate, context-aware responses. This move is seen as a necessary evolution to keep Siri relevant and competitive in the AI-driven market.

iOS 18: Customization and Usability Enhancements

Customizable Home Screen: iOS 18 allows users to rearrange apps, customize app colors, and change lock screen functionalities, providing a more personalized experience.

Revamped Control Center: The control center has been redesigned for easier task management and integration of third-party apps, enhancing user convenience.

Communication Updates: iPhone 14 and later models support satellite messaging without network access, ensuring connectivity in remote areas.

Privacy Enhancements: Introduction of “App Lock” to secure applications.

Enhanced Apps:

  • Messages: Scheduled messaging and new text effects.
  • Mail: Improved email categorization and summary views.
  • Safari: Major updates for web content presentation. Safari’s new Reader feature for content summarization
  • Passwords: Introduction of a dedicated app for credential management.
  • Genmoji: AI-generated emojis based on text prompts.
  • Maps and Wallet: New terrain maps with detailed trails; “Tap to Cash” for quick, private payments without sharing personal information.
  • Notes and Photos: Improved search functionality in Notes. New photo categorization and “Highlights” feature for better organization
  • Game Mode: Enhances gaming experience by maximizing frame rates and reducing background activity.
  • Other Updates:  new UI improvements allow more freedom in app icon arrangement and color customization.

Analysis: The enhancements in iOS 18 reflect a clear focus on personalization and efficiency. By allowing greater customization of the home screen and lock screen, Apple caters to users’ desire for a unique and personalized device experience. The revamped control center further simplifies daily operations, making it more intuitive. Satellite messaging is a notable addition that enhances connectivity in areas with poor network coverage, a feature that could be crucial during emergencies. Collectively, these updates demonstrate Apple’s commitment to improving user experience through thoughtful design and innovation.

iPadOS 18: Significant Updates and New Features

Advanced Calculator App: This new app acts as a math notebook, offering automatic calculations, dynamic graphs, and more, making it a significant addition to iPadOS 18.

Smart Script: Allows for more flexible handwritten notes, enhancing productivity.

Improved Browsing: A new tab bar for easier navigation and distraction-free browsing in Safari.

Enhanced Messaging: Timed messages and rich text effects improve communication efficiency.

Privacy Controls: Manage app permissions, contact sharing, and accessory connections with enhanced privacy settings.

Most features in iPadOS 18 mirror those in iOS 18, ensuring consistency across devices.

Analysis: iPadOS 18 builds on the strengths of its predecessor by introducing features that enhance productivity and usability. The advanced calculator app is particularly noteworthy, transforming the iPad into a versatile tool for students and professionals alike. Improvements in handwritten note-taking and browsing further solidify the iPad’s role as a powerful multitasking device. Privacy controls underscore Apple’s ongoing commitment to user security, ensuring that personal data remains protected across all applications.

macOS Sequoia: Productivity Upgrades and iPhone Mirroring

iPhone Mirroring: Users can view and control their iPhone directly from their Mac, maintaining the privacy and enabling a seamless workflow even if the iPhone is in another room.

Safari Highlights: Summarizes and presents key webpage information, with a redesigned reader for focused reading and enhanced video playback features.

Gaming Adaptations: Enhanced support for games, including titles like Ubisoft’s latest “Assassin’s Creed: Shadow.”

New Functionalities:

  • Window Arrangement: Faster suggestions for arranging windows.
  • Video Conferencing: Upgraded experience with background replacement.
  • Passwords App: New app for credential security.

macOS Sequoia supports both Intel-based and M-series Macs, though the 2018 MacBook Air is excluded.

Analysis: macOS Sequoia’s updates highlight Apple’s focus on productivity and user convenience. iPhone mirroring significantly enhances the synergy between iOS and macOS, creating a more cohesive ecosystem. The improvements in Safari, gaming support, and video conferencing are timely, catering to both professional and leisure activities. These enhancements reinforce macOS as a versatile platform capable of meeting diverse user needs.

watchOS 11: Advancing Health Features

Training Load: Calculates exercise intensity using various health metrics, helping users manage their fitness plans scientifically.

Vitals App: Displays daily health data, highlights anomalies, and provides insights for better health management.

Additional Improvements:

  • Enhanced menstrual tracking with pregnancy estimation.
  • Smarter widget stacking based on usage context.
  • Workout sharing for safety monitoring.

watchOS 11 no longer supports older models like the Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, and the first-gen Watch SE.

Analysis: watchOS 11 continues Apple’s tradition of focusing on health and fitness. The new Training Load and Vitals App provides users with comprehensive tools to track and manage their health more effectively. Enhanced menstrual tracking and smarter widgets further personalize the user experience, making the Apple Watch an even more valuable companion for daily life. By discontinuing support for older models, Apple ensures that users benefit from the latest advancements in technology and health monitoring.

Apple Vision Pro: Expanding Availability

Availability: Apple Vision Pro will be available in China starting June 14, with official sales beginning June 28. It is offered in three storage options: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

visionOS 2 Updates:

  • Enhanced Photo App: Creates 3D photos with depth perception and virtual avatars for shared viewing.
  • Interface Improvements: Simplified home screen navigation and improved mindfulness and Safari experiences.
  • Future Integrations: Support for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, enriching interactions.

Analysis: The expansion of Apple Vision Pro into new markets underscores Apple’s confidence in this product. The updates in visionOS 2, particularly the enhanced photo app and improved interface, reflect Apple’s commitment to providing immersive and interactive user experiences. The future integrations with accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad suggest that Apple Vision Pro will continue to evolve, offering even greater functionality and versatility.


WWDC 2024 showcased Apple’s commitment to integrating AI through Apple Intelligence, setting a new industry standard. These updates promise to significantly enhance user experience across Apple’s ecosystem, making daily interactions with devices more intuitive and powerful. The forthcoming public releases this fall will allow users to fully explore these innovative features.


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