Guide: What are the Best 43-inch 4K HDR TV in 2020

Difficult to navigate and search in the dozens of references on the market and store: here is our selection of 43 inch TVs, we were careful to select TVs with a modern OS, the latest HDR technologies, and good overall performance. Some TVs will be more attractive than others, but there is something for all prices.

If the standard is now for a 55-inch TV, you don’t always have space to your house one in your living room. We can also prefer smaller screens for a secondary TV, or simply because we want to have a discreet screen, which does not clash with its interior with skillfully worked decoration. Manufacturers generally leave their best technologies at the upper diagonals, for example the OLED which simply does not exist in 43 inches. However, there are televisions which they offer a quite correct quality (better) for this diagonal, we have selected the best TV, in several price ranges.


At first we chose Philips exactly The One 43PUS7354 model with an efficient design, Android TV, and all HDR standards (HDR10, HDR10 +, HDR HLG) including Dolby Vision. We tested the TV in its 58-inch version, strictly identical in terms of performance and image, but it is larger.


The conclusion here is simple: today it is a TV with an excellent quality/equipment/price ratio. It also has the merit of embedding Android TV, and especially the Ambilight technology on three sides. Always as pleasant to use. “The One” is not entirely flawless, however, not least because of its not-so-great game mode and rough calibration by default. However, it can be adjusted once the TV is at home.



To go at the upmarket, you will have to turn to brand Samsung with the QE43Q60T. This is the 2020 version of the QE43Q60R, which we advised earlier in this article. Evolution, but no revolution for this 2020 edition. We find the same main characteristics as the support for 4K HDR, but not Dolby Vision and still this QLED panel which, although quite basic, remains better than the LCD found at Philips.

It is in the software part that we find in fact the newest. If the TV still uses the Tizen OS and supports Apple AirPlay 2, Google Assistant, Bixby, and Amazon Alexa, the real novelty lies in the appearance of multi-view mode which allows us to display two image sources at the same time, television and your smartphone for example. We can also appreciate the “ambient” mode to make the TV virtually disappear from your interior. Coupled with the relatively thin edges of the object, this will really make it fairly discreet in the living room.


  1. It’s the best 43 inch TV.
  2. The joys of QLED.
  3. Advanced software.

TCL 43EP660

The TCL 43EP660, for example offers an Android TV experience with HDR10. It is a Bluetooth compatible TV and equipped with a bar integrated under the LCD panel, rather design. Think again, it’s not a soundbar, but it’s a design element.

TCL 43EP660

There is a native 10-bit 50 Hz LCD panel with high-performance upscaling. The Direct LED Global Dimming backlight also provides good uniform brightness.


Finally, we also wanted to include The Frame in this selection. Around 1,000 dollars, the Samsung The Frame QLED 2020 uses the technology of the Q60T mentioned above, but with a very specific design, thought to resemble a painting. You can even add wooden frames to it so that the illusion is perfect.

Finally, we also wanted to include The Frame in this selection. Around 1,000 euroSamsung The Frame QLED

Add to that the art mode which allows you to display works of art and you have certainly the most discreet TV on the market. If it is first thought to be hung on the wall, it remains delivered with feet to put it on a piece of furniture. Note that it comes with the One Connect box which allows you to deport the TV connectors. It is thus connected only by a single cable which makes pass at the same time the electric current and the video. This 2020 version also brings the software innovations mentioned above.

The design is paid for however since it is technically identical to the Q60T, Samsung asks you to pay around 1000 euros, but you have the wall mount and the One Connect box in the box.                                                                                                                      In the same vein, Samsung also offers its “The Serif” series, designed by the Bouroullec brothers. The Serif does not offer an “Art” mode like The Frame, but an “Ambient” mode. It’s the same thing, but with different images. The panel is also QLED and therefore offers admirable colors.


43 inches is obviously a small diagonal size when you look at the most popular TV of 2019 which offers 55 and 65-inch screen diagonals. The 43-inch format is still interesting to equip a bedroom or a kitchen, or a small (Parisian) living room. More discreet than a 55-inch TV, it will blend in much more with the decor.

To choose the size of your TV, a tip that generally works very well is the “4.5 cm per inch rule”. This indicates the minimum distance between you and the TV in your room. For example, we have 43-inch (4K) TV, you need to be about 1.80 meters back from the TV screen. Closer, you will tire your eyes quickly, and further, you will lose your immersion ability. But at this distance, you will have a good immersion and view in all the action of movies and video games. In any case, this is only an approximation and ideally, each user should determine how far they feel most comfortable. On 4K UHD TV, the resolution is so high that it has almost no restrictions unless you stand a few inches from the TV screen …


There is no OLED panel below 55 inches currently, LG might be able to produce it in 2020, as it uses  4K UHD 44-inch panels for its 8K screen. We are therefore mainly interested in LCD or QLED 4K UHD screens.

We have chosen TV with the modern OS (Android TV, Tizen OS, and webOS) which incorporate the latest HDR standards. Obviously, there is a difference between the economical selection which integrates HDR10 and the more expensive TV with HDR10 plus and also Dolby Vision. These are TV that has received positive reviews from users and brands that offer quality customer support. Some TV has specific features such as Ambilight technology or a very impactful design.


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