Canon EOS R8/R50 Review: Small and Compact But Excellent Performance

On February 8, 2023, Canon officially released a new generation of full-frame professional micro-camera EOS R8, APS-C format youth professional micro-camera EOS R50, and other new products, which further expanded the R imaging system and provided users with a new body and lens selection. I was fortunate to try these two cameras for the first time. Please follow OUR Canon EOS R8/R50 Review to learn about the performance characteristics and appearance design of the new cameras.

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Canon EOS R8 meets the full-frame needs of entry-level users

EOS R8 is a full-frame mirrorless camera that focuses on portability and ease of use. It is aimed at entry-level and young users and has comprehensively upgraded its handling and shooting performance. The new generation of the camera body has better performance than EOS RP in terms of image quality, focus, continuous shooting, video, etc. Even for more professional users, EOS R8 is also a very good portable machine.

Design & Appearance

Regarding appearance, EOS R8 continues the design style of EOS RP and maintains a compact size. Its single body weighs only 414 grams, which is very portable and greatly reduces the burden on photographers.

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The control of this machine has been optimized, which is closer to the EOS R6 Mark II. It moved the previous power switch to the right side of the fuselage so that the machine can be started more quickly with one hand. The left side is changed to video/photo mode switching, and the shooting status can be quickly adjusted with the left hand.


In addition to the control aspect, the hardware performance upgrade of the EOS R8 is also significantly improved compared with the RP. It is equipped with the same 24.2 million pixels full-frame sensor as the EO R6 Mark II and equipped with a DIGIC X digital image processor with a new algorithm. The imaging quality is consistent with the more advanced R6 II, allowing entry-level users to experience very good imaging quality.

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New hardware

Furthermore, due to the use of new hardware, EOS R8’s focus, and continuous shooting are also very powerful. Its second-generation full-pixel dual-core focus has a 100% focus coverage area. With intelligent tracking and recognition, it can improve continuous focus tracking capabilities. This camera adds horse, plane, and train recognition in addition to people, cats and dogs, and racing cars. Moreover, the maximum continuous shooting of its electronic shutter has been increased to 40 frames per second. For entry-level products, such an upgrade seems very hardcore, which raises the performance threshold of entry-level bodies

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Video recording performance

What’s more, the video recording performance of the EOS R8 is also comprehensive enough. It can shoot 6K oversampled 4K 60P and full HD 180P high frame rate clips. Also, the more professional Canon Log 3 is also equipped, which can also meet the post-processing needs of advanced video users. Overall, most of the indicators of the EOS R8 are on par with the EOS R6 Mark II. At the same time, for specific user groups, the body anti-shake and mechanical shutter are omitted, so that ordinary people can enjoy more pure photography fun.

Canon EOS R50 is more aimed at young and female user groups

EOS R50 is an APS-C format mirrorless camera, which is smaller and lighter, weighing only 329 grams. Obviously, it is more suitable for young female users and photography enthusiasts. In addition to the black color scheme, the R50 also has a white version, which is very attractive to female users.

The core hardware of the EOS R50 is similar to the EOS R10, using a 24.2-megapixel sensor and the new DIGIC X digital image processor. Due to the substantial improvement of the hardware, the R50 is impressive in both focusing and continuous shooting capabilities. Its intelligent second-generation full-pixel dual-core focusing + electronic shutter has a continuous shooting speed of up to 15 frames per second, which can easily cope with shooting dynamic subjects

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Video recording is the R50’s forte. It can shoot 6K super-sampled 4K 30P clips without cropping. Full HD 120P high frame rate video and can record up to 1 hour. Especially for Vlog users, it also has a “short video close-up demonstration mode”. When a subject is close to the camera, it will focus on the subject first. It is especially suitable for product explanations and other occasions. Overall, the EOS R50 is small but powerful, and I believe it will win the favor of beginner users.


EOS R8 has inherited the characteristics of EOS RP very well and combines performance and portability very well. The price of a single body is $16499. The EOS R50 “transplants” the small and easy-to-use features of the EOS M50 to the RF mirrorless system. The price of a single body is only $679.99, which is more attractive. While expanding the mirrorless body lineup, Canon has also further segmented the market, so that users with different needs and ages can better find products that suit them.

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