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Amazon Fire TV Stick 2020 Review: An Honest HDMI Dongle

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The HDMI Fire TV Stick has been released in a faster 2020 version. We had the opportunity to test this HDMI box which offers access to many applications, including Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video. It is also a way to chat with the Alexa assistant. There has never been so much choice between the […]

PS5 Test: Crazy Loading Times, Unprecedented Gaming Performance, Sony Is A Game-Changer

PS5 review

The PlayStation 5, or PS5 for those in the know, is finally coming to market after years of waiting. The Sony machine promises to take console gaming to a new dimension with the addition of major technical innovations. We broiled it for you and today we deliver our verdict. Console of the future or simple […]

HomePod Mini: Apple Unveils Its New Connected Speaker At A Very Attractive Price

HomePad Mini

On the occasion of the presentation of the new iPhones, Apple also unveiled a new connected speaker, the HomePod mini. A speaker launched at a much more attractive price than its big sister. The new HomePod Mini // Source: Apple This Tuesday, Apple organized a conference to unveil its new generation of iPhone 12. However, […]

PS5: Release Date, Price, Games, Design And Technical Sheet

Sony PS5

The PS5 hits the market in November 2020. It will propel console gamers into the 4K/60 FPS gaming world and is expected to be firm. Pre-order, release date, price, games, design and technical sheet of the PlayStation 5, we take stock of what we already know. 💰 What Is The Price Of The PS5? The […]

Nest Audio review: the modernized Google Home that finally loves sound

Announced at Google’s back-to-school conference, the Nest Audio is already here. Switched under the name Nest, which now includes all the brand’s devices for the home, this speaker actually replaces the old Google Home by bringing it upmarket. Enough to make it a really useful, audiophile and intelligent speaker? A Radical Look Change : Radical […]

Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme: a huge 8K Mini LED TV ready for the future

Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme

Xiaomi has unveiled a TV with an impressive technical sheet: it is a huge mini LED screen in 8K definition (Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme) that integrates technologies to accommodate the new generation of game consoles. Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme 8K // Source: Xiaomi Xiaomi has just presented a TV named Mi TV Master […]