Interact With Voice Only: Meet The New Clubhouse Voice Social Media App

Clubhouse app

There’s a new kid in the social media family, and he’s already making a big bang. It is less than a year old, yet has an estimated actual value of more than $ 1 billion, and has venture capitalists scrambling to invest.

This newcomer is Clubhouse, which is a social platform based on instant voice chat. The application includes fast, real-time voice conversations that any user can listen to, and no one can record them. The application has gathered a large crowd of prominent fans and about two million users, although it is not possible to record directly.

The Corona pandemic may have created the ideal conditions for the Clubhouse to flourish; Many people are isolated due to lockdown measures or safety concerns, and they desperately need social contact. Text-based social media is good, but voice is a more natural alternative.

After the recent cash injection, Clubhouse plans to expand. Here’s everything it is all about.

What Happens Inside Che Clubhouse App?

Users can follow other users or topics of interest to them, in addition to joining “clubs” under specific titles. They can then access a selection of chat rooms focused on various topics, many of which are highly tuned for zeitgeist.

Rooms come in all sizes. Some have a small number of people who talk spontaneously and informally. Others may contain hundreds or even thousands of people who listen to a panel of experts, or perhaps a politician, celebrity, entrepreneur, or even an influencer. While others who are in the room appear and you can view their profiles, as well as a list of people or topics they follow. Of course, the app’s algorithm takes all of this into consideration when presenting content options to the user.

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And if you want to speak or say something, raise your hand, and the owner of the room can grant you speaking privileges. You can even applaud a speaker by quickly and repeatedly tapping the mute/unmute button.

All this happens with just sound. It’s like eavesdropping on a cool conversation at its best, but with two slight differences; Chat owner approval, and ability to join if you have something to add.

Lots of early adopters were very impressed with the app. One of the reasons Clubhouse is proving so popular is that audio can sound more intimate and direct than text, image and video-based social media. People often prefer to talk and listen to each other rather than clicking on the keyboard and reading messages and texts.


Unique Social Appeal In Sound :

The “Clubhouse” application gained an enviable social character in its short journey so far. At the moment, the only way to access the app is to be invited by an existing user who is registered with it.

Thanks to its initial popularity among Silicon Valley investors, the app has attracted an impressive number of public figures, including “Oprah Winfrey”, “Elon Musk” and the singer “Drake”. You will also find experts with in-depth knowledge of the field, politicians with differing politics and perspectives, and celebrities talking about their latest projects.

Popular users like these have been a major draw for social media apps, and the relative dearth of invitations has added to the feeling of exclusivity among users.

The rooms inside the app are temporary. When the meeting ends, the room vanishes, and any discussion in it vanishes forever. It is also not possible to record the discussion.

The temporary nature of the rooms may help stop the formation of so-called “social media echo rooms,” that is, platforms where people are exposed only to those who actually agree with them.

New In The Clubhouse Style App :

Newcomer on social media recently received a new batch of funding of US $ 100 million. Plans for the future include being open to the general public, allowing content creators to make money from the site, and other benefits.

The company considers three types of income generation; Tipping, ticket sales, and subscriptions. How to assemble all of this has not been decided in detail yet. The current user base of around 2 million users is likely to grow exponentially. But he is still a “child”, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, compared to other platforms, as “Facebook” is close to 3 billion users, while “Twitter” has more than 300 million users. But his fate is as well for the child, and he will grow up.

The Essence Of The Application And What Distinguishes It :

The history of creative innovation is characterized by creating relationships between people by chance, or meeting the right person at the right time in an unplanned way. Such forms of joining cannot be made on demand, but you can create the conditions for them to occur spontaneously.

The application rules try to ensure that the conversations are not permanently archived, as they state the following: “You may not copy, record, reproduce and / or share the information obtained in the Clubhouse application without prior permission”.

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This encourages the spontaneous and relaxed conversations that we mentioned, but critics say it also lends itself to the practice of racism and misogyny – as is the case with all other platforms, unfortunately – but as the Clubhouse network grows, it will face challenges related to transparency, content modification and bias or not, such as those that Facing the likes of Facebook and YouTube.

But in general; Communication networks based on voice rather than writing, such as “Clubhouse”, and the new “Spaces” feature in Twitter constitute a well-suited environment to create the right conditions for chance encounters, for better or worse.

How To Register To The Clubhouse App?

With membership by invitation only, at least for now, there are two ways you can join. The first is a personal invitation from a friend who is already a member.

Otherwise, you can download the application to your device and reserve your own username to be placed on the waiting list. After you do this, notifications will be sent to anyone you know who is an already registered member, and when they receive that notification, one of them may allow you to enter the world of the application.

“Clubhouse” is currently only available on Apple devices. But the company announced its intention to release a version that works on Android devices in the near future.


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