Gorilla Glass Victus: goodbye to scratches on the screen of our smartphones

Corning has just presented its new window coating, Gorilla Glass Victus. This new generation promises to protect our smartphones more from shocks, but also and above all from scratches.
Corning screen test

Two years after the announcement of Gorilla Glass 6, Corning returns with a new generation of glass coverings for electronics, Gorilla Glass Victus. Once again, its interest is to make our smartphones, computer screens and other connected objects more resistant.

Each new generation of Gorilla Glass has brought a little more resistance, whether to bumps or scratches, with sometimes generations improving in one place at the expense of the other. With Gorilla Glass Victus, Corning promises a marked improvement in both cases.

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Stronger And Less Scratching :

Corning tests showed that a device protected by a Gorilla Glass Victus coating was able to withstand drops from 2 meters in height, 40 cm longer than the current generation. In addition the American company also claims that this glass is twice as resistant to scratches, a problem more and more recurrent on smartphones.

Indeed, while broken screens were commonplace a few years ago, our smartphones have made enormous progress in this area and are now much stronger. Barring a very bad fall right on the corner of the phone, the cases have become dispensable in the majority of cases. Stripes, on the other hand, are another story.

While some smartphones do well, many of them show scratches very quickly, both on the screen and on the back cover. In a few years, that might also be ancient history.

No More Expensive :

A number of users would be willing to pay more for their smartphone to make it more durable. Here it shouldn’t be necessary. Corning promises that the price will not change compared to Gorilla Glass 6, which should allow manufacturers to offer this new technology at no additional cost.


Apple And Samsung In Focus?

Rumors have it that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be equipped with this heavy-duty coating, but other manufacturers can be expected to jump at the opportunity to beef up their products as well. This is the case, for example, with Apple, which bought part of Corning in recent years and uses its technologies to best protect the iPhone.

This is not a reason to throw your phone against the walls …




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