The Galaxy Buds Live are here: Samsung finally cuts the ambient noise

The Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung’s first wireless headphones with active noise canceling, are official! With this new generation of headphones, the South Korean manufacturer is tackling the AirPods Pro head-on, the true wireless headphones from its rival Apple. Technical sheet, features, release date, price… We tell you all about the Galaxy Buds Live.

Galaxy Buds Live

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At this Galaxy Unpacked conference, Samsung did not just showcase the new Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. The Korean manufacturer has also lifted the veil on its new true wireless headphones, the first with active noise reduction, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

This Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Buds Live at this conference exclusively online. In the process, the firm unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2, a new smartphone with a foldable screen, the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Watch 3.

Long envisioned under the name Galaxy Beans, for their original bean-shaped format, the Samsung Buds Live succeed the manufacturer’s Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus. However, they benefit from a much different design since they are not in-ear headphones. In fact, the headphones are supposed to sit in the conch of the ear and rest on the antitragus. A format that should allow them to be less bulky than their predecessors. The headphones come with a charging case that is also more compact than that of the Galaxy Buds Plus.

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Active Noise Reduction And Fabulous Design :

Besides their original format, the biggest novelty of these Galaxy Buds Live actually comes from their active noise reduction. While the functionality was already expected, in vain, on the Galaxy Buds plus, it is therefore with the Live Buds that Samsung will finally embark on this technology, thus competing directly with the Sony WF-1000XM3 and the Apple AirPods Pro. Samsung had launched headphones of this type at the beginning of the year, but it was then under the AKG brand, acquired by the Korean in 2016, with the N400.

Samsung worked with AKG for its Galaxy Buds Live. The Korean manufacturer has indeed integrated 12 mm transducers signed by its subsidiary in its headphones. In addition to these speakers, Samsung has also integrated a duct specially designed for bass. Galaxy Buds Live also come with three microphones for voice calls and noise reduction.

Galaxy Buds Live are very different from Galaxy Buds + and the first Galaxy Buds of the name. This year, Samsung is opting for a white bean-shaped design, for “excellent fit in the ear” says the brand. The headphones are equipped with 3 microphones “for clear calls”.

Above all, this new generation of headphones takes advantage of active noise reduction (ANC) technology. As is the case with AirPods Pro, Huawei Freebuds 3i, or high-end headphones like the Bose 700, the Galaxy Live are capable of canceling out surrounding noise. Concretely, the headphones will analyze the sounds of the environment and broadcast inverted sound waves. Ultimately, the user will have the impression of being isolated in a bubble of silence.

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To control the music, the Buds Live have touch surfaces. Enough to configure certain controls when you keep your finger pressed on the earpiece, for example to cancel noise reduction. It is thus possible to define controls for a single press, two presses, three presses or a long press.

On the autonomy side, Samsung announces that Buds Live will be able to operate for 6 hours with noise reduction activated thanks to their 60 mAh battery. The charging case offers an additional 15 hours with its 472 mAh battery for a total of 21 hours of battery life. The charging box is also compatible with Qi wireless charging.

Regarding features, in addition to active noise reduction, Samsung also offers an ambient mode function to hear outside sounds, but also automatic usage detection. For Bluetooth, the 5.0 standard has been adopted by Samsung, in addition to the SBC and AAC codecs.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Prices And Availability :

In Europe, Samsung will offer the Galaxy Buds Live at a price of 169 dollars. The manufacturer has therefore revised its prices upwards compared to the Buds Live. Samsung offers the headphones in the following colors: Mystic Bronze (copper), Mystic Black (black) and Mystic White (white).

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