How to deactivate Google Meet in the Gmail app

To push the use of its videoconferencing service, Google has decided to integrate Google Meet as a shoehorn in Gmail. Here’s how to get rid of Google Meet and keep an email app clean.
New Gmail interface on smartphone

When it wants to push the adoption of one of its services to the limit, Google knows one method: to force it into its popular services. YouTube users will no doubt remember the arrival of Google+ comments. The firm now wants to put its Google Meet video conferencing service forward, after the success of this type of solution during periods of confinement and the rise in popularity of teleworking. To do this, she announced that the Gmail application would feature a highly visible “Meet” tab to quickly start a video conversation with her contacts.

An integration that is not to everyone’s taste and which takes up space in the mailing list, but which can fortunately be deactivated in a few steps.

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As of this writing, the change is still being rolled out to the Gmail app for Android and iOS. We got it on an iPhone, which is why the screenshots in this guide show the iOS interface. Note that the procedure is the same for Gmail on Android.

Disable Google Meet In Gmail :

First you have to go to the Gmail application, locate the “hamburger” menu at the top left, then the “settings” option to access the application settings. You must then select your Google account from the list at the top of the interface. If you have several Gmail accounts configured in the application, you will need to repeat the following operations for each account.

Google Meet takes up a lot of space The settings are in the Gmail menu Each account must be configured individually

In the list of settings, locate the “meeting” option in the “general” section. This is the option that should be turned off so that the Google Meet tab is no longer displayed in the Gmail interface.
The setting is called "meeting" The Google Meet tab has disappeared
Once these few operations are done, just go to the main menu of Gmail to rediscover the application as it was displayed before the update. If you’re not using Google Meet at all, this will bring up a longer mailing list in their inbox.


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