The Pixel Buds presented in 2019 are finally here! They have just landed in the United States for 179 dollars and we have read the main tests of American specialists.


During the Google I / O 2019, Google had announced its Pixel Buds 2. And in April 2020, they are finally available in the United States. These Pixel Buds are not the second generation of the first Pixel Buds headphones, it is a very different product: they cut the wires, they are true wireless intros headphones.

pixel buds 2

For the moment no availability in France has been announced, however, it is possible to register on a waiting list on the Google Store. In the United States, they arrive in May for 179 dollars (165 euros HT). The first tests were published by the American media, so what do the experts think?


Google took a year to market its new Pixel Buds, a YEAR! Meanwhile, Apple has marketed AirPods Pro and Samsung has launched the Galaxy Buds +. So what do these headphones give? We have read the main tests of the American media.

Besides, these headphones are visually not so different from the first, The Verge compares them to Mentos candy. As all specialists point out, these are much more visually successful than other true wireless headphones.

They incorporate a stabilizing arc, a small silicone fin, on each earpiece so that the Pixel Buds remain anchored in the ears. Useful, this bow would, unfortunately, cause pain in some users after prolonged use. it’s very thick oval shape is visually successful, but it is quite uncomfortable in a jean pocket because of its thickness.

pixel buds 2020

The autonomy of the Pixel Buds,24 hours for the camera, and 5 hours for the headphones, is one of the weak points highlighted by The Verge. Oddly, the headphones would discharge at a different speed, which leads to having one of the two headphones which “drops” before the other.

pixel buds 2020

In terms of functions, Google Assistant in hands-free kit mode is highly appreciated: “ Having the ability to activate Google Assistant while your hands are busy is a serious advantage. The Fast Pair switchgear, similar to the AirPods Pro, is very efficient. You hold the Pixel Buds near your phone, a window appears to pair with them (and link them to your Google Account), and you’re done.

Concerning the sound quality, The Verge evokes a lack of bass and a very perfectible noise reduction. It is the same observation for Engadget, which confirms that there is no active noise reduction and that passive noise writing is not that effective. However, all media hail the audio performance of these headphones.

pixel buds 2020

Finally, audio settings remain limited: features such as Adaptive Sound and other settings are available in the Pixel Buds app on Android devices. If you have a Pixel phone, Pixel Buds software integrates directly into your settings menu as a system-level application. Always appreciated, the real-time language translation function is always present. Unfortunately, Pixel Buds software does not offer any audio presets or any way to manually adjust the sound equalization.

Overall, Pixel Buds are appreciated by the American media, however, the competition is fierce.

Android Central evokes excellent sound quality and perfect earphones for making calls. Finally, we find the same faults on all the tests: the average autonomy and the absence of active noise reduction, they also lost in comfort compared to the old Pixel Buds. The Verge talks about the solid competition that does not forgive its faults: these Pixel Buds face a lot of competition, and although Google has made excellent progress, there are still faults (…). For Input Mag, the very responsive Google Assistant function is the main argument of these headphones. However, it works much less well on an iPhone … iOS users should, therefore, avoid buying them.




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