Honor Band 6: Is Close To Perfect Review

Honor Band 6

The new Honor Band 6 bracelet is distinguished by its large screen and good price, which made it compete with much more expensive sports bands, but it carries some weaknesses that may spoil the experience of using it on some people.

Design :

The first issue that you will encounter before purchasing Honor Band 6 is: Is this a watch or a bracelet?

In fact, it lies between the two in terms of design at least, and I think the matter is positive, that is, it is almost a large bracelet or a small watch.

The bracelet comes with a large screen with very thin edges and a prominent upper part, but it is amazingly thin, and is made of very good materials, to the extent that it easily competes with the most expensive bands and watches.

There is a real control button of a good type, but it hears you its voice clearly and somewhat annoying, as for the belt, it came from good quality plastic, flexible and completely similar to the color of the upper case, all of this makes the bracelet seem more expensive than its price?

Everything in the device is designed in a way that leaves enough space between the parts, preventing dirt and preventing the gathering of dust and dirt, and it is also noted that the shape is simple, does not overwhelm the clothes and does not make people look at the bracelet, but rather at your face .. In the design part, there is nothing to blame.

Screen :


The most important strength of this device is the screen, it will have a very large 1.47 inch AMOLED screen, which gives you the best brightness, the best color saturation and the best battery consumption, which is a must-have feature in sports bands because the use of this type of device is usually under the sun, and brightness becomes very important Unlike phones, for example.

The screen ignites as soon as it is brought close to the face, and this is excellent, although the time it remains on is very short, only about 5 seconds, and there is nothing in the settings to increase this time.

Services :

Before talking about the features, an important thing must be noted, which is that the global version of this bracelet is not available, but you do not need it very much because the device does not contain GPS, 4G, Play Store or anything like that, and therefore you will only need languages, and unfortunately The device only supports English and Chinese, but the company has started sending an update that brings all the languages, but we have not yet.


Due to the absence of GPS technology, you will have to take your phone with you for some sporting activities that need this service, and this is unfortunate.

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The phone associated with the bracelet with the Huawei Health app, available in all stores, allows you to track sports activities and archive them in a large screen, and gives you the ability to change themes and install updates from the phone itself.

On the other hand, Honor Band 6 gives you important features, such as measuring blood oxygen levels, measuring nerve pressure, and providing relaxation exercises.

I think that the result of the percentage of oxygen in the blood is not accurate, because it changes dramatically from time to time. Sometimes it says it is 99%, and after minutes it drops to 91%, and it remains fluctuating.

The rest of the features that Honor Band 6 shares with any other bracelet, includes sleep tracking for various sports activities, even swimming, because it is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters.

It also has control over the phone’s music and access to and control of communications, in addition to reading messages and notifications received by the phone, and also an important feature, Find My phone, which makes the phone sound when it is lost.

There is a final feature that may be useful, although it looks dumb, which is the light, the screen becomes completely white to help you light in the dark.

The bad thing about a system is that you are always forced to use the side button to access services, and it cannot be accessed by just touching the screen.

In short, the system needs a major update that allows it to take advantage of the great capabilities of the bracelet, otherwise the user experience is a little complicated.

Charging And Battery :

The Honor Band 6 comes with a 180 mAh battery, the company claims that it stays with you 14 days of intense use, but in my experience it only lasted for about 10 or 11 days, and the truth is that this is enough and more for all uses, especially with a charger that quickly fills it. In only about 45 minutes.

The bracelet is available for sale at a price of 40 euros worldwide, with a difference in price between the colors: white, orange, green, black and blue.

For this price, the Band 6 is an excellent smart bracelet, it is difficult to find a better one, unless you go to specialized companies such as Garmin or Fitbit, and at more expensive prices.



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