How to Stop iCloud Service Running on iPhone Devices?

Today we will give you the method to disable the iCloud account, but before that, we will explain to you the functions of iCloud and the reasons that may cause you to sometimes stop it, according to the American Lifewire website.

What Does iCloud Do When it Launches?

The basic functionality of iCloud is known to most people: it is used to keep data synchronized across all devices you log in to with the same account.

However, iCloud still has a lot of other functions as well, such as:

  1. Use it to backup data from your devices in the cloud
  2. Use the Find My iPhone application and feature to track lost or stolen devices
  3. Upload photos to the public Photo Stream folder
  4. Share usernames And passwords on the Safari browser across different devices
  5. Other functions.

How to Turn Off iCloud on iPhone-Click Apply Settings to Open the Application.

  1. Click on your name at the top of the settings screen.
  2. Browse to the bottom of the screen, and click Sign Out.
  3. Enter the Apple ID when prompted, then click Turn off.
  4. This will stop Find My iPhone app and service, which you have to do before iCloud service is turned off.
  5. Then choose the data that you want to continue copying to iPhone.
  6. Choose to turn on data for Calendar, Contacts, Keychain (keep passwords), and Safari.
  7. Then click Sign Out in the top left of the screen.
  8. Click Sign Out again to sign out of a service iCloud.

Note: These instructions apply to devices running ON ios 10.3 or UP

Remember, logging out of iCloud will also log out of iMessage, FaceTime, and Find My iPhone. But you can operate the iMessage FaceTime services independently and use the phone number to authenticate and register instead of the iCloud account. And Find My iPhone requires iCloud to be running.


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