Huami Released Amazfit GTS, Smart Sports Watch 3 Series and Amazfit X

On August 27, 2019, Amazfit held a New Product Launch Conference in Beijing to launch its smartwatch. Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Series and Amazfit X.

Amazfit held a New Product Launch Conference

Amazfit GTS

Amazfit’s new series are all introduced. Amazfit GTS defines a thin and light smartwatch era.

Amazfit GTS uses a 1.65-inch AMOLED super retina-level screen, PPI up to 341, and 100% NTSC color gamut to restore true color. It is made of aluminum, quite thin and light (9.4mm and 24.8g).

Amazfit GTS

It supports 12 mainstream sports modes, a built-in GPS+GLONASS dual satellite positioning system. And it is 5ATM waterproof. What’s more, it can recognize the swimming strokes automatically and record the SWOLF value, pace, calorie consumption, etc.

Amazfit GTS

What’s more, due to the square screen design, Amazfit GTS can display more information than the same-diameter circular screen. With the new custom module dial, users can customize it to display time, weather, and other information based on their habits.

It is also built-in BioTrackerTM PPG, providing 24/7 heart rate monitoring. And it uses industry-leading AI auto-discrimination of arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation) to help users to gain a deeper understanding of their heart health situation. There are multi-dimensional health management functions such as calorie consumption and sleep analysis, as well as routine functions such as NFC  and door card emulators.

In addition, Amazfit GTS designs a number of beautiful dials, including cartoon co-branded IP images such as Budding Bear. So you can choose the one you love best!

Amazfit GTS

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3

The new round reflection screen + dual-engine power, Amazfit (Xiaomi Huami) officially released Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 and Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Elite Edition is a metal and ceramic design, equipped with JDI’s exclusive 1.34-inch Full MoonTM Display full-circular reflective With display, With which provides 25% more display area than the popular 1.2-inch sports watch. It can display more comprehensively and is suitable for outdoor sports. The stronger the light, the clearer the screen display.

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch

Using the Lightweight PC and 316L stainless steel double-material bezel, Amazfit smartwatches can be controlled from the touch screen with its 4 buttons after sweaty strenuous exercise. And the breathable perspiration silicone strap helps it to be more comfortable and durable.

The Elite Edition features a titanium bezel, complemented by a sapphire crystal and a fluoro rubber strap. It looks very delicate and elegant.

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch

Amazfit SmartWatch 3 series is very powerful, it has a revolutionary Battery Life. With the dual-core dual system and built-in two main control chips, it can support two independent operating systems.

In smart mode, the Amazfit SmartWatch 3 covers all functions and has a 260,000-color screen visual experience display. With high frequency and full function, it can be used for up to 7 days. In Ultra mode, Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 has 11 kinds of sports modes in addition to daily functions such as 24-hour heart rate monitoring, notification viewing, NFC bus payment, etc.

Equipped with an advanced chip with low power consumption, it can be used for up to 14 days.

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch

The accuracy of heart rate data is very important to sports watches. Huami Technology Ltd. has developed a high-precision bio-tracking optical sensor  BioTrackerTM PPG, which is used to effectively identify cardiac irregularities in real time. The watch can report emergency events in real-time without Bluetooth, transmit data on low and rising heart rates, monitor atrial fibrillation, drop detection, etc. In case the life-threatening condition is determined, the watch will send an emergency SMS to the pre-set number.

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch

Huami Technology cooperated with a hospital at Peking University, and in the verification of the ECG for 12 parameters the arrhythmia measurement has been 97.24%, and the PPG arrhythmia accuracy – was 95.52%.

The accuracy of heart rate data is as precise as a professional sports heart rate belt.

Amazfit smart sport watches 3 built-in Sony GNSS chips, compatible with four different satellite positioning systems, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo. Users can choose three navigation combinations GPS + GLONASS, GPS + Beidou, or GPS + Galileo to further improve the positioning speed and tracking accuracy. At the same time, GPS can be supported continuously in trail running, outdoor walking and climbing modes.

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch

Built-in the FIRST BEAT algorithm, it can provide professional data based on the user’s movement rules. For it can help users to improve their level of exercise scientifically and avoid the damage caused by excessive exercise effectively.

In addition to the 19 professional modes, and 5ATM waterproof performance, it also supports NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity, offline Alipay and so on!

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch

There is also Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Special Edition, which specializes in custom dials, stainless steel bezels, straps, packaging and souvenirs. It comes with a custom strap with one of Master Yoda’s quotes “Train You Must” inscribed on one side while the short strap says “Vader Is My Motivator”. It also has a custom dial, and customized bezel, and comes in a special box with souvenirs. We didn’t find the price and availability.

Amazfit X

Amazfit X, a surface concept smartwatch, explores more potential of wearable devices. As a surprise for the 2019 new product launch of Huami Technology. With both fashion and future science, Amazfit X has adopted a curved design, like a new moon.

Amazfit X

Amazfit X is equipped with a flexible curved screen with retina-level HD resolution. It not only has the screen display as the flagship watch but also has a colorful and beautiful curve that fits the wrist and has a larger curved surface display.

Amazfit X

What’s more, the screen glass of Amazfit X features a hot-bend 3D process, and the body is made of 316L stainless steel, complemented by a hidden pressure-sensitive button that allows its all-metal body to be molded in one piece.

Amazfit X

And to achieve the best bending of the watch screen, the Amazfit X was finished with 3 motherboards. Matching with a 220 mAh curved lithium battery, it can be used for up to 7 days!

Amazfit XAmazfit X

The Amazfit GTS sells at 899 RMB officially price, and 6 colors can be selected.

The Amazfit smart sports watch standard sells at 1,299 RMB official price, the elite edition sells at 1,699 official price.

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