News: iOS 16.4 RC Released and Large Functions Update

March 21, Apple pushed the iOS 16.4 RC update to iPhone users. The version number of this update is 20E246. Generally speaking, the RC version is the quasi-official version, which is the last test version before the official version is released. Without situations happening, iOS 16.4 RC will be the same as the official version of iOS 16.4. Maybe it will release next week.

If you have already installed the iOS 16 beta, you can go directly to the software update to upgrade to the latest beta version. If you plan to upgrade to the latest version, it is recommended to delete the iOS 16 beta version and wait for the official version to be pushed.

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Update Overview

This update brings a plethora of exciting new features, updates, and changes across various iPhone models, including iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Get ready to explore fresh emojis, enhanced Podcast and Apple Music capabilities, innovative Shortcuts, a revamped Books page, improved Apple ID settings, and an engaging always-on display. Additionally, you’ll experience seamless web notifications in Safari, alongside remarkable Apple Pencil upgrades. Check out our article showcasing everything new in iOS 16.4, and be prepared to be amazed by the latest evolution in the Apple ecosystem. You can also check its related documentation.

1. There are 21 New Emoji

2. There is no modem update with iOS16.4RC

Apple has added new voice isolation for cellular calls or facetime calls. If you go into facetime and when you’re in a facetime or phone call tap on your Misco mode in your control center and you’ll see a new voice isolation option. Then you have voice isolation and a wide spectrum that’s the same thing you’ll get with facetime or phone calls.

3. 5G standalone is available to T-mobile in the USA and other carriers in the world now

Cellular settings update: If you go back into settings under your cellular data options, you’ll now have 5G, auto 5G on lite and 5G stand-alone depending on your carrier it’s available in the US to T- mobile, and different places around the world.

4. The page curl turn animation is back in Apple Books

Apple added back the page turn animation so we now have the option to curl the page instead of just slide or none. That means you can adjust the three effects of “Slide”, “Curl” and “None”

5. There are 2 new Arabic voices for Siri

It added 2 new Arabic voices for Siri. That is more convenient for Arabic users.

6. Photos will now detect duplicates in Shared photo libraries

Open the album tab, if you have duplicates you can go into duplicates and now the duplicates will actually show up. Even if it’s across an iCloud-shared photo library. Therefore, if the photo you selected has duplicates in your shared library, it will detect and then you can remove them.

7.VoiceOver will now work in Maps and the weather APP

VoiceOver function will now work in maps and the weather APP if you’re using it.

8. There is a new option to Dim Flashing lights within motion settings

The ‘Dim Flashing Lights’ feature, intelligently dims the display when it encounters flashy or strobe-like visuals. Bringing this innovative feature to life is a breeze – simply navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Motion and flip on the Dim Flashing Lights toggle.

9. The updated home architecture is back in iOS16.4

Home APP updated. The new home architecture is back. If you want to install that you can upgrade all homes and complete the steps to upgrade your homes.

10. The always-on display options have been re-arranged

With the Always-On display, you can dim the Lock Screen while still showing helpful information. Like the time, widgets, and wallpaper, all while using new technologies that make the display incredibly power efficient. You can customize your Always-On display by personalizing your Lock Screen with photos, wallpapers with stylized fonts and colors, and widgets.

11. Podcasts get many new updates with iOS16.4

The podcast has been updated with a lot of different small changes.

12. Apple Music gains many new visual updates

Apple Music has been updated quite a bit with new visuals and also Apple music classical is launching on March 28th.

13. Shortcuts gain many new actions

There are also huge updates to shortcuts. Games shortcuts have a bunch of different actions such as shutdown lock screen intercom announced notifications. You can experience it when it releases.

14. The tips app has been redesigned with iOS16.4

15. There are now notifications for Web Apps added to your HomeScreen

16. An all-new AirPods and Air Pods case has been found in the code

17. Apple Pencil now has Tilt and Azimuth support

18. Apple Pencil Responsiveness has been improved when writing in the Notes App

19. Apple purchase requests from family account members will now show up on the parent device properly

20. Fixed an issue where Matter compatible Thermostats would become unresponsive

21. Crash detection has been optimized again on iPhone 14 and 14 pro devices

22. Apple Pay is now available in South Korea

South Koreans can use Apple Pay.

Except of them, Apple also released iPadOS 16.4 RC , watchOS 9.4 RC, macOS 13.3 Ventura RC, tvOS 16.4 RC, HomePod OS 16.4 RC, iOS 15.7.3 and iPadOS 15.7.3. Let’s wait and see it release!

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