iQOO Pro Review: Best Price 5G Flagship Mobile Phone Worth to Buy

Having used iQOO Pro 5G for 3 weeks, I can make a conclusion, it is the most valuable 5G Flagship mobile phone we can purchase!

iqoo pro 5g

Do you know why? Let’s know the reason!

As we all know, 5G technology is the latest technology of mobile phone, and most 5G smartphone is over $800. most customers can’t afford it. What’s more, not all countries or regions have supported the 5G Network! It is still not comprehensive. That means if you want to purchase a 5G mobile phone for experiencing the 5G network, it is way expensive.

And the born of iQOO Pro helps to lower the price of 5G Cellphone. The iQOO Pro 5G is priced starting from 3798RMB (~$534) and the highest price is 4098 RMB. It is amazing. Believe it or not, the iQOO Pro 5G is the cheapest 5G smartphone I know! And its 4G version starts at 3198RMB (~$450)…

iqoo pro 5g specification

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Although the price of the iQOO is lower, its configuration is not cheap. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, a rear triple camera with 48 million pixels, and Sony IMX582 main camera. Double-sided glass, Samsung Super AMOLED screen, fingerprint recognition, 4500mAh battery with a 44W super fast Charge…It is unbelievable that you can experience all the functions at such a low price!

Appearance & Screen

The iQOO Pro comes with a 6.41-inch Samsung Super AMOLED drop screen. Its resolution is 1080P and the screen ratio is up to 91.7%. The high-level screen display is pretty good, I can’t wait to pick it up. It is also equipped with a DC-like dimming, which can reduce eye strain by adjusting the screen brightness.

screen body raito

The back of the iQOO Pro is equipped with a ‘four-curved’ glass with a texture of the extreme speed track. In the middle of the back is an LED light strip with the words “Monster Inside”. It will twink when calling, receiving a message, charging, etc. It is pretty cool. And the iQOO 5G logo is at the right corner of the bottom. It is easy to recognize it is the latest 5G MOBILE PHONE of iQOO.

QOO Pro blue

On the right side of the fuselage, it is equipped with 2 pressure-sensitive buttons which support customizing the function. It is very convenient for playing games. Its thickness is 9.325mm. For equipped with glass material and a 4500mAh large battery, it is definitely heavier than the average model. It is 217g.

iqoo pro 5g

To my surprise is that it comes with an ultra-thin protective case and 2 phone films. I haven’t noticed any flagship phone which provides free films yet. It is very considered.

What’s more, the use of the latest finger recognition technology, doubled the sensor area, and the finger detected area increased by 27%, the dynamic range increased by 30%. It achieved a great improvement in recognition speed!


About the camera, iQOO Pro has the same design as another mainstream high-end smartphone, triple-rear cameras featuring a 48MP AI camera. The sensor is the Sony IMX582, a 1/2-inch sensor, and supports four-in-one 1.6μm large pixels. In addition, it is equipped with a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle AF lens that supports super wide-angle shooting.

Here are some pictures shooted by iQOO Pro:

photo from iqoo pro 5g photo from iqoo pro 5g


As mentioned before, iQOO Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus. It is the same as other high-end flagship phones. It uses the Adreno 640 GPU, which offers a 20% improved performance over the Adreno 630. And iQOO Pro is also equipped with UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory, up to 12GBLPDDR4x RAM, and up to 256GB storage space. Running with the latest Monster UI, the operation is very smooth, you can have a professional game experience.

Linear motor

Different from the Lateral linear motor, the Linear motor provides a high flexibility experience. The electric shocks of typing, ringing or playing games are acceptable.

side button

Music Audio

With the development of wireless Bluetooth earphones or for the thinner phone body, most of the flagship phones are canceled by the design of the headset jack. I don’t like this design because I think most of the users are used to using wired earphones to listen to music, and wireless earphones can’t provide the best high-quality music experience. As a music enthusiast, I perfect listening to music via a wired headset. But luckily, Vivo iQOO Pro still has the 3.5mm headset jack. I am very satisfied with it!

iqoo pro earphone

What’s more, it not only built-in independent HI-Fi chip, but is also equipped with the AK4377A high sound quality audio DAC, and even comes with an L-shaped high sound quality custom headphone. It is incredible.


iQOO  Pro comes with a 4500mAh battery and a 44W super flash charge. Only 10 minutes, it charges to 30% power, 30 minutes to 68%, and 50 minutes to 95%. You can get a full battery only in 58 minutes!


As the most comprehensive 5G mobile phone, iQOO Pro is undoubtedly the most valuable phone you are worth getting. But about the question, should I buy a 4G version or a 5G version? In fact, this problem is very simple. It is up to the developing speed of the 5G network in the place you are living and your frequency of phone replacement. And if you want to try the 5G network as a pioneer, you can purchase this best-price 5G mobile phone! It is worth buying!




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