Is it Worth Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus? An In-Depth Review

ChatGPT has a paid upgrade plan – ChatGPT Plus. Currently, the monthly subscription fee is $20. OpenAI states that users of ChatGPT Plus have faster response times and priority access to new features. For users who frequently use ChatGPT, upgrading to ChatGPT Plus is definitely something worth considering.

However, for some users, whether to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus needs careful consideration and assessment. In this article, we will share real experiences of using ChatGPT Plus to help you decide whether to upgrade or not.

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What is ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus is a monthly subscription-based upgrade of ChatGPT that provides faster response times, higher availability, and priority access to new features.

Differences between the free version and ChatGPT Plus

Compared to the free version of ChatGPT, these are the three main differences with ChatGPT Plus:

  • Higher availability: With ChatGPT Plus, availability is ensured even during peak demand periods.
  • Faster response time: Chat GTP Plus can answer questions more quickly.
  • Priority access to new features: ChatGPT Plus users can use new features before they are available to the public.

You can check the YouTube Video from Mike Wheeler Media to know the differences between ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus. It highlights the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of both models and provides an overview of their key features.

What is the Benefit of Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus?

As a current user of ChatGPT Plus, the most notable differences I have noticed are its high availability and fast response times.

High Availability

Before using ChatGPT Plus, I often experienced issues where pages were inaccessible. Since upgrading to ChatGPT Plus however, I haven’t encountered any similar problems and am able to get started with ChatGPT every time I logged in. If you spend a significant amount of time using ChatGPT on a daily basis, I highly recommend making the upgrade as time is a valuable asset.

Fast Response Times

Currently, ChatGPT Plus has a Turbo mode which is exclusive to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus. From my experience of using it, it answers Chinese and English questions faster than its free version.

Issues Still Existing for ChatGPT Plus

While there are many advantages to using ChatGPT Plus, upon extended use I’ve noticed that there are still some issues that come along with it. If you’re considering making the upgrade, you might want to be aware of its limitations first.

Slow Non-English Response Times for ChatGPT Plus

Though the default response times for ChatGPT Plus are much faster than that of Chat GPTs, non-English questions still take much longer to answer compared to English ones. So if you’re expecting ChatGPT Plus to respond quickly to non-English questions as it does with English ones, then you may be disappointed (note: it’s still faster than the free version).

Termination Responses

Occasionally when answering long answers for a question, ChatGPT Plus might terminate several times during this process – prompting the user to give “continue” hints so ChatGPT Plus can go on answering. This issue is also present when using ChatGPT Plus and is more frequent in non-English languages.

How To Upgrade To ChatGPT Plus?

If you decide to make the upgrade, you can go over to ChatGPT Plus website and select one of their subscription plans. Note that upgrading comes at a cost so take your time and compare all your options before making any decisions. Currently, the monthly subscription fee forChagPTPlus is $20 monthly. If you choose to upgrade, the steps are as follows:

  1. Head over to ChatGPT Plus website and select “Upgrade ToPlus”.
  2. A popup window will appear showing the upgrade plans.
  3. You will then be taken to a payment page. Click subscribe and pay.
  4. Once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation letter.

How To Cancel the ChatGPT Plus Plan?

The monthly plan forChatGPTPlus automatically renews each month. If you wish not to free subscription, you can go over the ChatGPT website. Click on my account and then click manage my subscription & head into the subscription manages page. Enter the Subscription manage page & choose to cancel the plan &cancel the subscription accordingly.


Should You Upgrade ToPlus? In conclusion, if you are an avid user ofChatGPT( spending hours daily )and aware of its limitations &issues then I would suggest you upgrade plus edition as it saves more time & increases efficiency level but if you just occasionally use chatGPT or just for fun then free edition ChaGPT will suffice your needs well enough.


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