Keychron C1 Review: High-cost-performance Tenkeyless Mechanical keyboard

Are you looking for a high-cost-performance mechanical keyboard that has the perfect combination of features and affordability? If so, then the Keychron C1 could be the ideal choice for you. This review will give you an overview of the features of this impressive keyboard, as well as some pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for your needs.

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What is Keychron C1?

Keychron C1 is a tenkeyless (87 keys) RGB backlight USB Type-C wired mechanical keyboard made for Mac and Windows. It is one of the cool most high-cost- performance mechanical keyboards of Keychron. It is crafted to maximize your productivity and exceptional typing experience.

Tip: What is the tenkeyless keyboard?

The tenkeyless keyboard is also known as the TKL keyboard, 80% keyboard. It is a keyboard that doesn’t have an extra number pad on the right. It is different from the ten-key keyboard/ 100% keyboard which has a number pad and arrow part on the right.

We review this time is the Keychron C1, it is one of the Keychron C series mechanical keyboards. Keychrone C series has Keychron C1 tenkeyless keyboard and Keychron C2 tenkey keyboard. The only difference is that Keychron C1 doesn’t have extra number pod on the right.



  • 1 x Keychron C1 Keyboard (Hot-swappable Version)
  • 1 x USB-A to Type-C cable
  • 1 x Keycap Puller
  • 1 x Switch Puller
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Shaft Replacement Instructions: Make Sure the switch pins are straight before inserting the switch in.
  • 1 x Keyboard Instructions

Type of Keychron C1

1) Gateron G Pro Red Switch

The Keychron C1 mechanical keyboard with Gateron G Pro Red switches is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and responsive typing experience. The linear nature of the G Pro Red switches means that they are quiet and smooth to type on, making them ideal for fast typists who require precision and accuracy.

2) Gateron G Pro Blue Switch

Keychron C1 with Gateron G Pro Blue switches is an excellent choice for those who prefer a tactile typing experience. The G Pro Blue switches provide a satisfying clicky sound and tactile feedback, making them ideal for typists who want to feel each keystroke. It provides an excellent typing experience that is both tactile and precise. Whether you’re using it for work or play, this keyboard is sure to deliver high performance and reliability.

3) Gateron G Pro  Brown Switch

Gateron G Pro Brown switches Keychron C1 mechanical keyboard is a great option for those who want a balance between tactile feedback and quiet typing. The G Pro Brown switches provide a slight bump when pressed, giving you the feeling of a tactile switch without the loud clicky sound. It provides an excellent typing experience that is both responsive and quiet. It’s a versatile option for those who need to switch between different devices frequently or who want to customize their keyboard according to their preferences.

All pre-installed Gateron G Pro Switch is providing unrivaled tactile responsiveness with a durable 50 million keystroke lifespan

Design and Appearance

The Keychron C1 has a sleek design that looks great on any desk. The keycaps feature two-color injection technology using ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) for enhanced durability while providing transparent illumination that reveals the underlying white or RGB lighting. This ensures long-term use and avoids any issues from laser engraving or transfer engravings caused by wear and tear over time.

Its dimensions are 13.97 inches, 5.1 inches wide, and 1.57 inches thick.  It’s come in 3 keycap color combinations— white, black, and red. Look elegant and catch-eyes.

Keychron c1 wired mechanical keyboard is a customizable keyboard. It comes with a Mac keyboard layout, but it is compatible with Mac and Windows laptops or PC with a reliable Type-C cable.

As we all know, the mac keyboards and windows keyboards are different on some keys, therefore, the Keychron team is equipped with some extra keycaps on the package for users to customize and change to fit their individual needs.

If you are a Windows user, just find the appropriate keycaps in the package box, and follow the instructions to find and replace the specific keycaps with the Keycap Puller.

On the right side edge, there is a Type-C port, you can connect your device with the given USB-A to Type-C cable. It can be used directly by connecting it to a computer, without any driver. And there is a Toggle slide to help you switch between a Mac device and a windows device. And under the toggle slide, there is an adjustable foot. It has 2 levels for you to adjust the height.



There is no doubt that when you’re busy and feeling overwhelmed by work, brightening up your day with a few flashes of RGB lights can be just the pick-me-up needed to turn around any blues in a way. A subtle change in environment can instantly transform an uninspiring mood into one that’s positive enough for productivity!

keychron-c1-light-effect keychron-c1-light-effect 2

This product has a very amazing RGB effect, and there are more than 15 modes for you to switch, making your typing on the keyboard very cool and ceremonial. It can be a single solid color, or it can be colorful. You can adjust according to your own preferences.

How to change the light effect?

  1. Press the light effect key, the right top one is the key
  2. Press the fn+right arrow/left arrow to change color.


The keys are backlit with RGB lighting, which adds an extra layer of customization to your experience.


The Keychron C1 offers a smooth typing experience thanks to its mechanical switches. These switches provide superior tactile feedback compared to standard rubber dome keyboards, making it easier to type quickly and accurately. The keypresses also feel more responsive due to the low profile design of the keys. In addition, the adjustable key layout allows you to customize the keyboard for maximum efficiency and comfort while typing or gaming.

Connectivity Options

The Keychron C1 mechanical keyboard is designed to provide a reliable and seamless typing experience, and its wired connection is no exception. The USB Type-C connection with a braided cable ensures a constant power supply, which is especially important for those who require a stable and uninterrupted connection.

This wired connection makes the Keychron C1 an excellent choice for home and light gaming use, as it provides a fast and responsive typing experience without any lag or delay. Additionally, the plug-and-use feature means that you can start using it right away without having to install any drivers or software.

The wired connection of the Keychron C1 adds to its reliability and performance, making it a great choice for anyone in need of a high-quality mechanical keyboard for work or play.

Reasons for choosing a mechanical keyboard

  1. The appearance is good-looking, the color of the keyboard is matched, and the RGB lighting effect is very eye-catching and cool. When you press a key, it will diffuse from this keyboard, and you can also change the lighting effect. There are 15 RGB effects to choose from.
  2. The mechanical keyboard is very comfortable to type, and the sound from the keyboard is very clear and pleasant. The biggest difference between the mechanical keyboard and the membrane keyboard is mainly reflected in the “click” sound at the moment of pressing the button, which brings a sense of confirmation and paragraph feeling. The keyboard key shaft is quite soft and soft in the rebound. Let you type for a long time, and the hands of the keys will be less tired. Decompress both mentally and physically.
  3. Keychron mechanical keyboard provides you with a lot of space for modification and DIY. When I started to get in touch with mechanical keyboards, I found that the highest-level keyboard players are not pursuing expensive and rare keyboards, but what they are pursuing is buying those parts to form components, and which thread keyboard to use for transformation.

How to reduce the typing sound of the mechanical keyboard?

Everyone has their own habits when using the keyboard, and so does the pursuit of sound. If you feel that the original design of the keyboard is too loud, the following operation suggestions can help you reduce it.

    1. Remove all the keycaps one by one

  1. Remove the screws on the circuit board to remove the back cover
  2. Add some cotton to the space of the back panel
  3. Lubricate the key shaft to make the keyboard shaft smoother and reduce friction
  4. After the lubricating oil is dry, assemble it back.
  5. When adding the keycap, add a sound-absorbing ring to the keycap, which will make the keyboard sound even smaller.

Keychron C1 PROS &CONS


Versatility: The Keychron C1 is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android.
Hot-swappable design: The keyboard’s hot-swappable design allows you to easily replace or customize individual switches without having to buy a new keyboard.
RGB backlighting: The keyboard features customizable RGB backlighting that adds aesthetic appeal and helps with typing in low-light environments.
Durable build quality: The keycaps are manufactured using transparent two-color injection technology, and the material is ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). On the one hand, it can reveal the underlying white or RGB light, and on the other hand, it can also avoid the problem of long-term wear and tear of laser engraving or transfer engraving.


Loud spacebar stabilizer: Some users have reported that the spacebar stabilizer on the C1 may make a loud rattling noise when pressed, which can be distracting during use. And the sound can’t be canceled.
No Bluetooth connection: It is a wired connection and can’t support a wireless Bluetooth connection.


Overall, the Keychron C1 is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable yet feature-rich full-size mechanical keyboard. Its sleek design and adjustable backlighting make it visually appealing while its Cherry MX Blue switches ensure great tactile feedback when typing or gaming. On top of all this, its reasonable price tag makes it one of the best values available in keyboards today – making it an easy recommendation for any tech enthusiast on a budget!

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