Microsoft Announcing the Next Wave of AI Innovation with Microsoft Bing and Edge

Microsoft, the global tech giant, never fails to impress us with its innovative products and services. Recently, the company announced the next big breakthrough in innovation with its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge platforms. This has been a game-changer for both products and the tech industry overall. As we all know, AI is slowly but surely transforming the way we interact with technologies, and Microsoft Bing and Edge just made that a lot easier. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Microsoft’s announcement and its impact on both Bing and Edge users.

Microsoft Bing is a web search engine that provides essential information to users through its searches. It is now powered by AI, which provides a more personalized and refined search experience. Let’s know more about the content.

Let’s quickly take a look at what new features have been added to Bing in this update:

  • Everyone can use it, and it also enables to answer queries from images and videos;
  • AI-driven image captioning, which supports over 100 languages;
  • Edge deep linking, enabling users to query past chats;
  • Open platform support, allowing for third-party plugins.

Anyone can use Bing Chat without having to queue

With its seamless integration, now anyone can use Bing Chat without having to queue. Everyone can install plugins or download test versions of the browser. Here’s what you need to do in three easy steps:

  1. Open the Edge browser;
  2. Visit;
  3. Click on the ‘Chat’ button at the top of the page.

And that’s it – time to welcome the new Bing!

Microsoft recently announced that, to thank all its users for their feedback and usage of Bing Chat, it will no longer have waitlists. All you need is a Microsoft Account to access Bing Chat directly.

chat function

The new version of Bing Chat offers three different dialogue styles: creative (imaginative), balanced (friendly), and precise (straight to the point).

So which style do you prefer when it comes to getting your answers?

AI-driven image captioning, which supports over 100 languages

Research shows that the human brain processes visual information 50000x faster than text. It makes images and videos more intuitive and convenient for search results.

With Bing Chat, Microsoft provides richer and more direct answers. It includes images and videos so you can find what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time. For instance, when I asked it about puppies, not only did it give me a link to the video but also directly supplied me with the video itself.  Just a click away from playtime.

Bing Image Creator now supports a wide range of languages, such as Japanese, Korean, and French. It allows users around the globe to create images in their mother tongue.

Edge deep linking, enabling users to query past chats

Edge browser, an important product of Microsoft, is not lagging behind in the wave of AI-ization.

One big update of Bing is its deep integration with the Edge Browser to become an ‘AI Browser’. You can quickly summon the Bing Chat interface from the sidebar for a search inspiration. And now, Bing has added another convenient feature – chat log saving. If you have questions and want to continue searching, just click on the chat logs to pick up where you left off. Then Bing will provide answers accordingly according to the context. If you are interested in what Bing suggests, when you click on the URL it has provided, the Bing Chat interface will be automatically minimized into a sidebar in that new website. It is no need to flip between tabs.

Bing also supports exporting and sharing your chat logs. If you find that its information is valuable, one key click will export it for easy storage via Word or other software.

In addition, Microsoft reveals that they will be exploring multimodal search in their future updates. People can directly upload images on Edge’s browser for visual recognition by powerful AI models and get related pages as results without any hassle.

Moreover, in the couple of weeks ahead Edge browser also brings another incredibly useful feature: intelligent summarizing. Built-in with Bing’s Edge Browser, long documents (like PDFs) and long websites can be summarized for their core contents automatically. It will save you plenty of time from sifting through information and making it a heaven-sent tool for researchers and professionals alike!

Edge and Bing are deeply integrated

Edge and Bing are deeply integrated, allowing you to surf the web with just dialogues! As an example, if you ask Bing for a good superhero movie recommendation, and then select The Dark Knight when given a list of choices, Bing will provide a range of websites that stream the movie. And you can simply say to watch it on Apple TV – whereupon Bing will auto-navigate to the streaming address – no need to leave the chat window at all.

movie recommend

This feature is also coming soon to Edge Browser in the upcoming few weeks. With deep integration between AI and browsers, an AI chat box will be our first stop for internet surfing very soon.

Open platform support, allowing for third-party plugins

Microsoft has announced that they will open up third-party plugins and create a developer platform on Bing, to enlist more developers and work together in the project of ‘rebuilding search engine’. For instance, when you search for dinner options on Bing, you can use the OpenTable plugin to search and reserve dinner; or utilize Wolfram|Alpha plugin to solve complex science, math, etc. questions with answers provided as an encyclopedia – all within Bing.
Microsoft claims that with their collaboration with OpenAI, more developers will be able to delve deeper into customizing Bing, and maybe even develop a one-stop-shop ‘X App’ before Elon Musk does.

According to data provided by Microsoft, in the three months after the new Bing’s release, there have been over 500 million chats involving it – a hard contrast from its previous Clippy avatar – making it the ‘White Moonlight’ in many people’s minds.
Microsoft launched Bing publicly prior to the Google I/O conference, as a challenge of sorts against Google’s status as ‘the king of search’. Now we look forward to seeing what answer Google delivers in response in just a few days’ time – another thrilling week awaits us!

Also worth noting is that the Edge browser has seen 8 consecutive quarters of market share increments before this. If coupled with those improvements done on Bing for gaining more users and achieving more success going forward, Microsoft may actually turn the tables around and gain ground in both search engine and browser markets!


In conclusion, the future of AI innovation seems bright. Microsoft Bing and Edge are leading the way to making it so. With this announcement, users can expect an innovative and seamless browsing experience that provides personalized search results at the user’s fingertips. The integration of AI into Edge and Bing will transform the way we interact with technologies. It makes it a pioneer in the game of innovation. So, bring on the next wave of AI innovation, Microsoft! We can’t wait to see and experience what you have in store for us next.

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