Model S | X: Tesla Sharply Increases Their Prices… 6 Weeks After Lowering Them

A month and a half after downgrading the price list for the Model S and X, Tesla backs off and decides to add 5,000 dollars to the final score for all versions.

The Tesla Model S and XThe Tesla Model S and X

To keep up with the changing prices of Tesla electric vehicles, it is better to hang on your seat belt. Because the Californian manufacturer regularly makes changes, downwards as well as upwards, sometimes in a very short period of time. The proof is with the new jump of 5,000 dollars observed in the range of the Model X SUV and the Model S sedan.


The first name is now sold at a price of 94,990 dollars in its Grande Autonomie Plus version, and 111,990 dollars in its Performance version. As for the Model S, the Grande Autonomie Plus is now selling for 84,990 dollars, against 101,990 dollars for Performance.

Screenshot of Tesla's configuratorScreenshot of Tesla’s configuration

In mid-October, the Model S suffered an interesting price drop, from 83,990 dollars to 79,990 dollars for the first variant, and from 100,990 dollars to 96,990 dollars for the most efficient model. You will surely have noticed: the old prices displayed were still cheaper than today (by 1000 $), after the increase.

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Which Lot Concerned?

The Tesla Model S Plaid retains its price of 139,990 dollars. According to Electric, this increase concerns the next batch of Model S and Model X vehicles planned for Europe, expected during the month of March 2021. In short, the decrease observed a month and a half ago was obviously only ephemeral… and even foreshadowed that a nice increase that European customers would have gone well.

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