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OnePlus 9 Test: Be Satisfied With What Is Necessary

OnePlus 9

Dispatched close by the “Pro” form, the OnePlus 9 skirts a couple of components explicit to ultra premium to zero in on the top of the line client experience. Is it a success? The appropriate response in our full test.

The OnePlus 9 and its photo module signed Hasselblad

Launched a month after its “  Pro  ” variant, the OnePlus 9 at long last shows up with a lower cost, yet additionally a couple of specialized qualities less. On the enticing paper, he should show his advantage before a Xiaomi Mi 11 quicker than at any other time and an OnePlus 8T, still new and offered more affordable. The rest in this far reaching test.

This test was done with an OnePlus 9 12 + 256 GB which was lent to us by the brand.

OnePlus 9 Technical Sheet :

ModelOnePlus 9
OS versionAndroid 11
Manufacturer interfaceOxygenOS
Screen size6.55 inches
Definition2560 x 1440 pixels
Pixel density402 ppp
SoCSnapdragon 888
Graphics Chip (GPU)Adreno 660
Random access memory (RAM)8 GB, 12 GB
Internal memory (flash)128 GB, 256 GB
Camera (back)Sensor 1: 48 Mp
Sensor 2: 50 Mp
Sensor 3: 2 Mp
Camera (front)16 Mp
Video recording4K @ 60 IPS
Wi-FiWi-Fi 6 (axle)
Fingerprint sensorUnder the screen
Ports (inputs / outputs)USB Type-C
Drums4500 mAh
Dimensionsx x mm
ColorsBlack, Blue, Purple




Between OnePlus 8T And OnePlus 9 Pro :

On the off chance that we needed to sum up the plan of the OnePlus 9, the most straightforward way is say that it is an OnePlus 8T with a photograph module near that of the OnePlus 9 Pro and better situating of the volume catches. From the outset, it is unmistakably hard to separate a 8T from an OP 9 but then there are a couple of prominent focuses to note.

The OnePlus 9 alongside the OnePlus 9 Pro

edge, for instance, exchanges aluminum for gleaming plastic. This will have a few benefits like retaining more stuns, better allowing the waves to pass or in any event, offering a hotter and along these lines more lovely hold (the thing that matters is quickly felt). The disadvantage is that plastic is more inclined to scratches. We didn’t have the chance to see it during this test, however in the drawn out it could influence the style of the telephone. We can take note of that the telephone is somewhat thicker (8.7 against 8.4 mm), yet accept the open door to adjust it a bit, which makes a solid pressing factor significantly more charming. This little addition in thickness is likewise felt somewhat on the load with 192 grams on the scale, or 4 grams more than the 8T.

The remainder of the plan of the OnePlus 9 is notable and doesn’t enjoy any frenzy: you don’t change a triumphant group. The back is in gleaming or matt glass contingent upon the shading picked. For our situation, we were blessed to receive Winter Myst, a prettier sparkly purple that gets misty on the highest point of the telephone… and which has the setback of getting fingerprints rapidly. You have been cautioned …

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The photograph module is somewhat more conspicuous than on the 8T, moving toward what we find on the 9 Pro. Since it’s housed in a corner, this will in general make the telephone a smidgen more unsteady on a level surface.

As far as ergonomics, we like that the volume keys are marginally lower than on the 2020 models, making them more available, yet the finger impression sensor, incorporated into the screen, is likewise lower, which makes its utilization more arbitrary from the start. This involves propensity. The force button and the ready slider, both on the correct side, have not moved and remain effectively available with one hand.

The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro's fingerprint sensor is a bit low

To end this speedy visit through the proprietor, note that the front camera is incorporated in a circumspect air pocket at the upper right of the screen and that we discover two speakers, one for calls over the screen and the other for mixed media on the lower edge close by a USB-C port and a double SIM card cabinet. The Jack port and the microSD port have vanished for a few ages as of now.

A Very Nice 120 Hz Screen :

On the front, there is a wonderful level screen with practically uniform lines. It is an Amoled Full HD + (2400 x 1080 pixels) board with a 20: 9 proportion and an invigorate pace of 120 Hz. In contrast to the 9 Pro, it’s anything but a versatile board, yet this will an affect battery life than in plain view quality.

The quality is additionally at the meeting. We expected no less from OnePlus, which in 2020 figured out how to ascend to the level of the best available on this point. Furthermore, the brand keeps on stunning this year with extraordinary compared to other aligned boards that we have at any point tried.

Under our test, the CalMAN programming uncovers a brilliance going from 2.6 to 770 cd/m². For the base, some cell phones figure out how to dip under 2, yet the OnePlus 9 won’t consume your retina in the evening, while its pinnacle vows to have the option to see content even in direct daylight, except if the picture is truly dim and extremely low differentiation, in which case reflections will dominate.

However, it is particularly at the level of the adjustment that OnePlus struck a major blow. With a temperature of 6580 K, the screen of the OnePlus 9 lines on flawlessness and this is reflected in its shading record. Not just the perfection is incredibly acceptable with 178% of the DCI-P3 range and 120% of the requesting BT2020 range (our best score estimated to date), however the delta E estimating the normal contrast between the shadings showed and the normal tones n ‘is just 3.64… notwithstanding an estimation issue – connected to our test – on unadulterated red at more than 54. Comprehend by this that the normal delta E of the OnePlus 9 on the shades of the DCI-P3 range rotates roughly around 2.5 if this abnormality is taken out. Once more, this is fantastic.

So, it’s the best Full HD screen you’ll discover available at the present time.

Android 11 & OxygenOs :

Like the 9 Pro, the OnePlus 9 runs locally under Android 11 with the OxygenOS interface. At the hour of composing, it likewise profits by the March security fix and thusly skirts the April fix for the occasion. Once among the most responsive makers with regards to refreshes, OnePlus appears to experience difficulty keeping its timetable since the enhancement of its index. We have seen for instance on the OnePlus 8T, anyway later, times of 3 months without a security update. The brand by and by remains rather responsive with regards to significant framework refreshes.

OxygenOS stays quite possibly the most lovely interfaces to utilize in light of its reactivity, its liveliness bringing an extraordinary impression of ease and its numerous customization alternatives. In any case, there has been no significant change since a year ago.

All in all, OnePlus utilizes the codes from Google with the authority symbols, the Google Discover stream on the left of the home screen, or the presence of the Power Menu permitting you to deal with your home computerization and Google Pay installment strategies. . Similarly, there are a couple of extra applications, two of which are repetitive: a document director and the picture display. Aside from that, there is a local area application (uninstallable) and Netflix (deactivatable as it were).

Aside from that, there are numerous highlights and various adjustable components. Confounded, we can refer to the secret applications sheet, the administration of the size of the application framework and symbol packs, the coordinated screen recorder, the developed screen capture, a ‘improvement of recordings, consistently in plain view, a game mode, equal applications to have two meetings of a similar help or even fast motions.

Regarding availability, OnePlus is happy with the highlights offered by Google, covered up in the “Framework” submenu.

The Snapdragon 888 Always Delivers :

You don’t should be “Master” to be furnished with the best. The OnePlus 9, very much like the 9 Pro, is outfitted with a Snapdragon 888 SoC matched with 8 or 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 extra room. 2-path. Obviously, along these lines, its exhibition is lined up with that of the brand’s ultra premium model.

ModelOnePlus 9Xiaomi Mi 11Samsung Galaxy S21
AnTuTu 9791012N/CN/C
AnTuTu 8N/C701270647131
AnTuTu CPU206875193721178483
AnTuTu GPU319204311081268720
AnTuTu MEM13806399107115695
AnTuTu UX1268709736184233
PC Mark 2.0107751274612466
3DMark Slingshot ExtremeN/CN/C8216
3DMark Slingshot Extreme GraphicsN/CN/C11129
3DMark Slingshot Extreme PhysicsN/CN/C4288
3DMark Wild Life579858055843
3DMark Wild Life framerate moyen34.7 FPS34 FPS35 FPS
GFXBench Aztec Vulkan/Metal high (onscreen / offscreen)43 / 32 FPS44 / 31 FPS38 / 31 FPS
GFXBench Car Chase (onscreen / offscreen)58 / 71 FPS60 / 70 FPS54 / 66 FPS
GFXBench Manhattan 3.0 (onscreen / offscreen)N/C118 / 170 FPSN/C
Sequential read / write1893/749 Mo/s1490/733 Mo/s1868/1300 Mo/s
Random read / write65869 / 64244 IOPS63547 / 65922 IOPS78431 / 72742 IOPS


This is felt consistently as the utilization is wonderful and the activity’s liquid. Note that OnePlus has significantly improved its RAM the executives, exceptionally forceful beforehand, driving to return some significant applications to get warnings, a point that was especially irritating for private informing. At times, notwithstanding, it is as yet important to set up an exemption in the telephone’s settings to appropriately get the entirety of its messages.

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For games, same battle. Regardless of whether on Fortnite , CoD Mobile or LoL Wild Rift , the Snapdragon 888 by and by shows execution here that meets assumptions. On the most acclaimed of the Battle Royale games, playing in Epic quality with the models set to 100% permits you to sway somewhere in the range of 50 and 60 FPS with great generally soundness. Lower the quality to 75% (default setting) and your meter should presently don’t dip under 58 FPS.

OnePlus Signature Sound :

For the sound part, OnePlus doesn’t change its equation with the OnePlus 9. There are two speakers: a principle one on the lower edge of the telephone and a second over the screen, likewise utilized for calls. As usual, there is an awkwardness between these two transducers: the first is incredible and of good quality while the second is more vulnerable and less amazing, making a slight irregularity on the sound system impact.

On this point, barely any telephones truly improve, nonetheless. We along these lines discover a generally satisfactory sound, even at full volume, with overall the very some slight twists in the high pitch at 100% and bass that may need profundity, which isn’t unexpected on such little speakers. .



There is consequently no perceptible change, however consistently a right quality which will be generally adequate for tuning in to digital recordings or recordings, or for tuning in to music less significantly in the event that we don’t give a lot of consideration to the exactness of the various frequencies.

Hasselblad At The Controls In The Photo :

Similarly as with the OnePlus 9 Pro, the camera of the OnePlus 9 is marked Hasselblad. This monster of the photograph having prepared the space explorers having strolled on the Moon in 1969 subsequently carries its mastery to the Chinese producer, specifically on the adjustment of the sensor and the administration of the colorimetry. Close to that, there is a somewhat standard arrangement comprised of three modules:

  • The wide angle: Sony IMX689 sensor (48 Mp, 1/1.43 ″, 1.12 µm or 2.24 µm in 12 Mp), 7P 23 mm lens (f/1.8).
  • Ultra wide angle: Sony IMX766 sensor (50 Mp, 1/1.56 ″), 14mm  7P freeform lens (f/2.2).
  • 2 Mp Monochrome Sensor.

On the off chance that the ultra wide-point is indistinguishable from that of the OnePlus 9 Pro, we note, nonetheless, that the wide-point is unique. Not exclusively is the sensor not, at this point customized, yet the module additionally loses its optical adjustment (OIS), yet present on the OnePlus 8T. The sensor is anyway bigger than on the last mentioned, which should influence the nature of the shots. Contrasted with the OnePlus 9 Pro, we for the most part lose the fax, driving the advanced zoom when we need to amplify our objective.

Practically speaking, the shortfall of OIS isn’t actually felt and even by intentionally making the telephone shake during the catch, I had the option to get extremely palatable outcomes and a long way from being hazy:

Shaking with the ultra-gand-angle Shaking with the wide-angle

By day, both outside and inside, the sharpness is acceptable and the administration of profundity obscure (in typical as in representation) is characteristic and all around oversaw. There is a little commotion in the corners, yet nothing disturbing about this sort of sensor. In like manner, the development is completely fixed and the tones are all around interpreted, however we would have liked a smidgen more differentiation on specific scenes to put more accentuation on the components of the creation.

On the ultra wide-point, the impact of the freestyle focal point stays as amazing as on the OnePlus 9 Pro: the distortions are practically non-existent. Note, nonetheless, that the colorimetry isn’t exactly equivalent between the various modules and that the HDR mode consistently will in general once in a while produce impacts that are excessively checked.

Around evening time, the sharpness normally endures a shot, yet the administration of light and tones is actually quite acceptable. We feel that this year OnePlus has truly put the bundle on the image and has improved altogether. Much obliged to you Hasselblad?

For selfies, there are in every case a few challenges in the administration of tones in HDR mode and of the center when there are a great deal of components in the picture, yet a successful section of the representation mode. At times it will take a few times to get a truly amazing outcome, yet the delivering is rarely awful.

At last, for the video, we note a design like that of the OnePlus 9 Pro. You will actually want to exploit 8K at 30 IPS, yet we don’t suggest this definition, which battles somewhat more to center. In 4K, at 30 or 60 FPS, there isn’t anything to whine about, be that as it may, with a generally excellent picture quality, yet in addition especially viable adjustment. The Super Stable mode remains in the interim still unpalatable, making antiques in the picture during extreme developments. Favor an actual stabilizer .

Correct Battery Life And Fast Charging :

OnePlus 9 has a 4500 mAh battery isolated into two gatherers of 2250 mAh each to work with quick charging. This is just about as much as the OnePlus 9 Pro, however the shortfall of a versatile screen devouring more, so we can expect practically speaking a lower self-governance.

This is additionally clear in our SmartViser mechanized test mimicking consistent utilization of the phone. While the 9 Pro had discharged in 15 hours and 17 minutes, the OnePlus 9 just endured 10 hours and 27 minutes. That is about an hour longer than the OnePlus 8T, yet inside the low normal of cell phones tried for the current year.

The OnePlus wireless charger

Consistently, this is likewise felt. Out of the container, the OnePlus 9 holds the day with normal utilize and can even most recent daily and a half as long as you have very little use. Exceptionally enormous buyers may in any case get themselves a little restricted, particularly in the drawn out when the aggregator will unavoidably have lost a portion of its ability. A highlight remember whether you are the kind of individual who urgently checks your telephone the entire day.

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Luckily, this point is saved by the especially quick Warp Charge 65T quick charge. As the brand’s promoting calls attention to, it is to be sure conceivable to recuperate close to 24 hours of utilization in only 15 minutes of re-energizing, while 30 minutes permits a full re-energize. The individuals who incline toward remote will likewise see the value in the truly effective 15W Qi similarity.

In general, the OnePlus 9’s battery life isn’t frustrating, however it’s a long way from a long distance runner, such a large amount of it should depend on its quick charging.

OnePlus 9 Network And Communication :

On the correspondences side, the OnePlus 9 is in fact viable with all 4G and 5G groups, yet updates will be important to exploit the most recent age network among all administrators. We likewise find on board WiFi 6 (however no WiFi 6E ) and Bluetooth 5.2. The GPS signal is likewise finished and rapidly discovers the situation with extraordinary precision. The compass is somewhat counterbalanced, a tragically repeating issue on Android cell phones.

For calls, there isn’t anything specific to grumble about, we stay inside current guidelines with voices that stay understandable in all conditions, both in transmission and in gathering, and encompassing clamor commonly all around lessened without being anyway stifled. You can in any case hear a slight foundation commotion, however it will take an especially boisterous climate for this to meddle with interchanges.

OnePlus 9 Price And Availability !

The OnePlus 9 is accessible from April 26, 2021 at 719 euros for the 8 + 128 GB version and 819 euros for the 12 + 256 GB version. On its authority store, OnePlus routinely makes offers, specifically with free accessories.


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