PSVR on PS5: PlayStation Unveils Future Virtual Reality Controllers


In a post on its blog, PlayStation unveiled the longer term controllers which will accompany subsequent generation of PlayStation VR reality headsets on PS5.

The next controllers for the PSVR headset // Source: Sony

The computer game headset is certainly not dead at Sony. After giving snippets of stories of subsequent generation of PlayStation VR and even presenting future games in VR, the Japanese firm accelerates in its communication.

In a post on its blog, PlayStation unveiled the controllers which will accompany the next-generation PlayStation VR on PS5. A surprise announcement for an adjunct that “will play a key role” in “giving VR experiences a way the deeper sense of presence and immersion,” wrote Hideaki Nishino, Senior vice chairman, Platform Planning and Management at Sony PlayStation.

The Advancements Of The Integrated DualSense Controller:

Exit the PS Move! Unsurprisingly, the PSVR next controllers are supported the technologies found within the DualSense controller: haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and therefore the feeling of a more in-depth gaming feeling, as explained to us by Nicolas Doucet, the daddy of Astro’s Playroom, the primary game to completely enjoy these innovations.

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Future PSVR controllers seem to be inspired by the primary Oculus Touch for joystick-button controls and an orb format, a handle at the guts of a hoop. “You are going to be ready to hold it naturally while enjoying a high level of freedom,” Nishino promises, adding that ergonomics had been a priority in thinking. It seems possible to maneuver your hand far more easily with this amazing design, without risking letting go of the controller or being limited in its gestures.

The next controllers for the PSVR headset

This aesthetic choice, far away from the planning of the primary generation PSVR that inspired the PlayStation 5, has the merit of being quite identifiable. While it’s massive, Sony adds that it’s been tested with different sizes of hands to suit as best as possible, which it’s also the results of decades of data round the design of the controllers.

Multiple Features :

From the unveiled design, there’s a distribution of buttons on the 2 controllers with a joystick each, two buttons (triangle and square left, round and cross on the right) also because the Create and Options buttons distributed. The L1/R1 keys (object-taking) and therefore the L2/R2 trigger keys are going to be on either side.

If PlayStation has chosen to base its future VR controllers (which don’t have a politician name at the moment) on the strengths of the DualSense controller, it’s good to require full advantage of the innovations, all dedicated to supporting immersion. Each controller will have a button with an adaptive trigger which will work as on the DualSense with a dosage to be found consistent with the proposed virtual use (shooting with an arc, different weapons or launching an object). An immersive dose that seems to naturally find its place in computer game experiences.

The next controllers for the PSVR headset

The gaming giant also announced the addition of an optimized haptic feedback to “make every in-game sensation more impactful, textured and more nuanced.” this may make it easier to possess a rendering of the blows received, surfaces under your feet and under your eyes, to feature the feeling to the visual and auditory experience.

The novelty comes from finger detection. The controller are going to be ready to detect the positioning of your thumb, index or finger, even without pressing a button. All this aims to permit more natural gestures without the necessity for command requested. The tracking of the VR controller also will be reinforced through the ring. No information has been provided on this subject, but it should presumably carry the motion and detection sensors.

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These are possibly prototypes, although advanced that PlayStation wanted to point out, making it clear that these weren’t the ultimate versions. The goal is to “make a true leap forward” compared to the present PSVR. No release date has been announced, but we all know that developers will soon receive the varied prototypes to start outperforming on them.


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