Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Could End Galaxy Note’s Main Asset

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
According to information from the Ice Universe leaker, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is compatible with the S-Pen stylus. A first for a Samsung smartphone apart from the Galaxy Note.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra alongside the S Pen

It has been several years now that we hear of a disappearance of the Galaxy Note line from Samsung in favor of the Galaxy S on one side and the foldable Galaxy Z on the other. This Thursday, it was the Chinese leaker Ice Universe who delivered information that could go in this direction.

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Indeed, in a message posted on Twitter, the latter, generally well informed about the products of the South Korean manufacturer, announced that the future Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be fully compatible with the S-Pen style of the brand.

Concretely, this would mean that the Galaxy Note range would lose what was until now its originality. While the Galaxy S have the advantage of being Samsung’s first annual smartphones and optimizing technologies for photography in particular, the Galaxy Note is used more focused on productivity, in particular through the integration of the S- stylus. Pen. However, for some time now, Samsung has reportedly considered offering its S-Pen on other devices. A first prototype of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 thus integrated the said stylus, although this idea did not go to the final product. In addition, Samsung launched at the beginning of the year a “Lite” version of its Galaxy Note 10 with stylus.

An Integrated Or Simply Compatible Stylus ?

So far this is only a leak and it is not yet clear how much prominence the S-Pen will be on Samsung’s next high-end smartphone. Although the device may be compatible with the stylus, there is no indication yet that it comes with it or that there is a place to store it. This could be a way for Samsung to make the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra compatible with the stylus for users who already have a Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, for example. A way to strengthen the constructor’s ecosystem.

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could be announced not in February or March 2021 like the previous models in the Galaxy S line, but as early as January. By then, a lot of information about the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra has already been leaked in recent months.


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