Suorin Air Plus Review: Everything You Need to Know

Suorin is one of the most popular brands in the vaping industry. The company gained popularity thanks to its high-end vaping pods. Suorin Air Plus replacement pods come with two refillable pods that can hold a maximum of 3.5 ml of e-liquid. This is an upgrade from standard pod systems that hold a maximum of 2 ml of e-liquid. In this review, we will evaluate the relevant details to help you decide whether Suorin Air Pro is the type of pod system you need.

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The starter kit contains the following:
• USB cable
• User manual
• Suorin Air Plus battery unit
• Empty pod of 0.7 Ohm (high VG)
• Empty pod of 1.0 Ohm (nic salt)

Suorin Air Plus Colors and Appearance

Suorin Air Plus is shaped like a credit card. This makes it easy to put in your pocket. This stylish pod is 10 mm thick, 93.2 mm tall, and 50 mm wide. Suorin Air Plus also has a simple design. It is printed on one side, and the logo is on the other. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, and gray.

The paint quality is excellent on the Suorin Air Plus pod. This pod is designed to stay clean and brand new in appearance. It does not easily show blemishes or dirt. The paint also looks good over time without showing wear and tear.

Unlike most compact vape pods, the Suorin Air Plus pod does not have an on/off button. The device is draw-activated and ready to be used once you insert the pod.


Suorin Air Plus Pods Performance

Pod performance can either be a strength or a weakness in a pod vape. Suorin Air Plus comes with two refillable pods. These include:

1.0 Ohm Cartridge

This pod is made for people who prefer nic salt juice. It has good flavor and a coil that can handle serious vaping. Its vapor production is solid but slightly less than that of the 0.7 Ohm pod. This is due to the type of juice used in this pod, which produces less vapor.

The flavor in this pod is more pronounced due to the thinner nic salt, which adds more taste to the vape smoke. The draw is excellent, allowing you to take more significant hits. The airflow is also decent. You can achieve a good amount of airflow in your mouth without it being too much or too little. However, it would help if you were careful when using this pod since you can easily be in danger of a nic salt overdose.

0.7 Ohm Cartridge

This pod is designed for use with a 70 VG/30PG blend of e-liquid. It comes with a high VG/PG ratio, producing more vapor than any other vape pod on the market. This pod can produce a solid amount of dense, flavorful clouds due to its 22W maximum output.

Most Suorin Air Plus reviews confirm that many vape smokers enjoy this pod’s increased vapor. However, it is not recommended for people who prefer less nicotine or want their throat hit to be less intense. The 0.7 Ohm pod produces more throat hits than any other pod. If you like smoking different flavors or are a fan of thick clouds, this pod is for you.

Indicator LED Light

The Sourin Air Plus pod has an LED indicator hidden on its side. The LED light is integrated behind a darkly tinted plastic panel. It only lights up when you take a hit or put the device to charge.

Suorin Air Plus Battery and Charging

The Sourin Air Plus pod has a 930mAh battery. The battery is 1 cm thick and has a matte-metallic finish. The coating is scratch-resistant, making it maintain its pristine appearance longer. The base of this device has a USB-C port for charging. The port is on one side to ensure the pod lays flat when charging. There is also a tiny airflow intake region near the USB port.

Suorin Air Plus Design

Suorin Air Plus has excellent ergonomics. It’s convenient and can easily fit in your pocket. In addition, its small size makes it easy to hold. It also has an attractive design. The mouthpiece is also comfortable and will not get in your way when vaping.

Additionally, the airflow is smooth and less intrusive. This pod is perfect for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vapers. This is because the airflow intake region is situated on the open side of the pod. The draw activation works without fail, and there have been no issues with it getting stuck on the draw.

Suorin Air Plus Price

The Suorin Air Plus pod kit is priced at $24.99. You can also purchase it with its refillable pods at an affordable price. This pod is fairly priced, considering how powerful it is.

Suorin Air Plus Indicator Light and Why They Blink

The Suorin Air Plus pod has a row of LED indicators that light up along the edge of the device to reveal battery levels. You will also notice the LED feature lighting up when you take a draw. Here are the five LED indicators that light on the Suorin Air Plus pod and what they mean:
• One light – Shows the battery level is 20% or less
• Two lights – Shows the battery level is between 20% and 40%
• Three lights – Indicates the battery level is between 40% and 60%
• Four lights – Shows the battery level is between 60% and 80%
• Five lights – Indicates the battery level is between 80% and 100%

How Long Does the Suorin Air Plus Pod Last?

The Sourin Air Plus pod cartridges last for at least two weeks, depending on how often you vape. This pod can receive three full refills before recharging. You can extend the life of your Sourin Air Plus pod by cleaning it regularly. The vape juice residue builds up on the coils if you don’t clean the pod regularly. You can also extend your pod’s life by storing it in a cool, dry place instead of leaving it exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Use Suorin Air Plus?

Using this device is simple, thus making it suitable for first-time vapers. To fill the Suorin Air Plus cartridges, begin by removing the silicon that covers the pod. Next, place the dropper inside the fill port, then start filling. Once full, replace the silicon cover and let the device sit. This ensures the coil gets saturated with vape juice.

After a few minutes, you will be ready to vape. To do so, inhale from the mouthpiece in the top corner. You will notice a small LED light on the side of the device glow. The light will turn red when the battery is low.


How to Turn on Suorin Air Plus?

The Suorin Air Plus pod system is draw-activated. You do not have to press any buttons before vaping. Just pop the pod into the slot and inhale from the mouthpiece in the top corner.

Does Suorin Air Plus Leak?

The Suorin Air Plus pod does not leak. Sourin has done an excellent job designing the pod to prevent leaks. However, every vape device will leak under several circumstances. The following are standard conditions that can cause a pod to leak:

The tank is too tight

When you fill a cartridge, you should avoid tightening it too much. Vape pens and box mods have cartridges that screw on, and tightening them too much can damage the rubber rings that create the seal, leading to leaks.

Incorrect or faulty coils

If a coil is incorrectly installed, it can cause poor contact between the device and the tank. In these cases, you will have to replace the coil.

 Using the wrong e-liquid

Using an e-liquid with the wrong viscosity level can cause your vape pod to leak. Vape juices that are too thick or too thin are unsuitable for pods because they will not wick properly. It would help if you used the recommended PG/VG ratio for your pod.

You haven’t used your device for a few days

If your pod has been sitting unused for a few weeks or longer, the juice inside will evaporate. The liquid ends up seeping out of the device, causing leaks. Keeping your device in a cool, dry place and emptying it after use can help prevent this from occurring.

You are chain vaping

This is one of the most common causes of leaks. If you constantly suck on your device, you generate more heat, pushing more liquid through the coil. This causes the air chamber to flood, leading to spit back.

There is liquid in the chimney

The hollow tube inside a tank or vape pen is the chimney. If liquid gets into this tube, it can cause spitting or leaking. You should store your vape upright to prevent this from happening. You should also regularly remove the spit from your device and scrub off any residual moisture.

Broken seals and poor-fitting seals

A poor or faulty seal in your device can lead to a leaky tank. Seals are fitted in vaping devices to prevent vaping juice from leaking out. If the seals are damaged or don’t fit properly, the tank will have a more challenging time preventing leaks. To fix this, you should ensure that your pod’s seal is in good order and replace it if it gets damaged or broken.

Final Verdict

Suorin Air Plus is a good choice if you’re looking for a uniquely designed pod with excellent power. This device offers all the features you would expect in one vaping unit. It’s small, lightweight, and attractive, making it easy to carry, store, and use. It is also affordable as it is moderately priced.

In addition, the mouthpiece is comfortable, and the cartridges are easy to fill. The draw activation works fine, and the battery is also reliable. If you want to quit smoking or have just started vaping, you should consider purchasing the Suorin Air Plus pod.

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