Suorin Air Pro Review: It Worth To Try!!!

Suorin is one of the most popular brands in the vaping industry. The company gained popularity thanks to its high-end vaping pods. Suorin Air Pro replacement pods come with two refillable pods that can hold a maximum of 4.5 ml of e-liquid. Sleek, slim, portable shape. In this review, we will evaluate the relevant details to help you decide whether Suorin Air Pro is the type of pod system you need.

Below is everything you need to know about the Suorin air pro pod Kit.

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Design and Appearance

The Suorin Air pro pod kit come in a sleek, slim, portable shape, and are similar in design to the Suorin air plus. The Suorin pod kit has a card shape and its dimensions are 96 mm inclusive of the pod, 45 mm wide, and 12.7 mm thick. The air pro pod kit device weighs 80 grams, which makes it super light and portable to carry in your pocket wherever you go. Additionally, this Suorin device is made of zinc alloy material and comes in various colors such as Rainbow, Faded Skeleton, Ice Blue, Lavender Purple, Lively Green, Star-Spangled Blue, Star-Spangled Red, Sunglow Gold, Bright Silver, Gothic Skeletons, Galaxy Blue, Galaxy Green, Sakura Green, Cherry Blossom, Sakura Purple, Black, Silver, Gunmetal. Very elegant and charming!

suorin air pro colors

The Suorin Air pro review device that I am using has a blue color throughout as well as the American flag printed on the back and the front of the device. The Suorin logo and name are printed towards the bottom of the device and the term ”air pro” is printed towards the bottom right side. The letters ‘’CE’’ as well as a ‘’Do Not Dispose Of’’ warning are engraved on the back of the Suorin air device.

 The on/off button is located towards the top of the side opposite the recess feature of the Suorin pod device.

The on/off button is slightly elevated along the exterior side casing. Sometimes, the seller Youmeit will provide a lanyard with your shopping package.  If you prefer to hang the air pro pod device around your neck, simply attach a lanyard chain to the device using the lanyard hole that is located above the on/off button.

Pod Cartridge

The Suorin Air pro pod cartridge is the largest pod tank capacity of 4.9ml, which is its best advantage of it. It comes empty, is easy to use, and allows you to try any flavor of e-liquid that you desire. This pod is refillable, and you can refill it again and again. That is great to save money. Based on its user manual, you can refill it 5-8 times. That means you can enjoy nearly 25ml to 40ml with a pod. Nearly a 30ml bottle of vape juice. Much enough right?

Its pod cartridge used a mesh coil is 1.0-ohm. It supposes to provide you with a great vaping warm soar, and a great vaping flavor.  But the coil is not replaceable, and you need to change to a new one. But its pod is affordable, you can get one for only $3.49.

How to use the Suorin Air Pro Pod cartridge?

Using the Suorin air pro pod cartridge is easy. 

  1. open its silicone plug and pinch the walls of the cartridge with your fingers to create room for filling in the vape juice.
  2. Fill the e-liquid and make sure it has reached the e-liquid mini-level line and close the silicone plug well
  3. Wait about NEARLY 10 minutes after adding the vape juice to ensure the coil cotton can be fully saturated for use.

LED Light

Suorin air pro has an LED indicator light feature on its power button. The LED light feature indicates the battery charge level of the device via the light colors: green, red, and blue. It can be better to help you know the battery capacity status and tip you to recharge it on time. Of course, it also will help you to tell the recharging process.

When you charge the Suorin air pro or draw from it, you will notice the LED light will light up. Here are the LED colors that you will see as well as their meaning:

  • Green – shows the battery status of the device is between 41% and 100%
  • Blue- shows the battery status is between 10% and 40%
  • Red – shows the battery status of the Suorin device is between 0% and 9%

Battery and Charging

The battery of the Suorin air pro pod is in-built and has a capacity of 930 mAh. If properly stored and maintained, the Suorin battery can last for almost two whole days without requiring any recharge. Although this Suorin air device does not come with a Type C charger, it uses a micro USB Suorin air pro charger to charge.

Whenever you realize that your Suorin device is completely power dead or running low on battery, just connect its Misco USB to power it. If the device is completely dead, it will take about 50 minutes to fully charge the device. It also supports the pogo charger. If you have one, you can use it to charge as well. The Suorin Air pro pogo charger allows for pass-through charging, which means that you can use the Suorin air pro device as it charges.


The Suorin Air pro pod kit has a lot to offer in terms of ease of use and comfort. Its smooth small design allows the Suorin device to fit perfectly in your palm and pocket, making it easy for you to vape wherever you are.

On its official online store, it is selling for $ 24.99 while its original price show as $29.99. You can also purchase it together with its 4.9 ml Suorin air pro cartridge, which is only $ 3.49 per piece. And the shop always has promotions and flash sale activities, you can get great discounts from it.

Suorin Air Pro Indicator Light and Why they blink?

Suorin air pro pod kit comes with a LED battery life indicator that produces different colors depending on the status of your battery. The indicator light of your Suorin device blinks whenever it wants to alert you about your battery.

For instance, if the blinking indicator light is a green color, it means that the battery power of your device is ranging between 41% and 95%. If you notice the blinking indicator light is blue in color, it means that the battery power is ranging between 10% and 40%, thereby indicating that you are really using up the Suorin device’s battery power.

Once you notice that the blinking indicator light is now red, it means that your Suorin device is running low on battery power and could die at any moment. A red blinking indicator light means your battery is less than 10%.

If your Suorin device has a steady green indicator light, then the battery power is above 95%.

How long does the Suorin Air Pro pod last?

Suorin air pro pods normally last for at least 2 weeks depending on the frequency of your vaping as well as the flavor. According to the user manual, it recommends replacing a new pod after filling it 5-8 times or within 7 days after first filling it with e-liquid for a better vaping flavor taste.

Of course, there are ways to ensure that your Suorin air pro pod lasts for two weeks or more. It is up to your vaping frequency and you regularly clean the pod.

Tips for longer use:

  1. Clean the pod regularly. The e-liquid residue will likely build up on the wick as well as the coils over time. thereby affecting the flavor and interfering with the production of vapor. 
  2. Storing your Suorin pod properly in a cool dry place will help to extend its life. Do not leave the pod exposed to direct sunlight or within a car with high temperatures.

How to Use Suorin Air Pro?

  1. Simply fill the Suorin air pro cartridge with vape juice or your favorite e-liquid. (Follow the way I mentioned above)
  2. Connect the Suorin air pro cartridge with its battery body part.
  3. Turn on the device and vape it.

How to Turn on Suorin Air Pro?

Suorin Air Pro has 2 methods to turn on it. Auto-draw activates and Press the fire button to activate it.

Auto-draw activates

Directly inhale the vape device to draw the device. 

Press the fire button to activate

Simply press its power switch exactly 5 times continuously to turn on the device and begin vaping. 

Why need to press 5 times?

Since the air pro pod kit is portable and spends most time in your pocket when you are not using it. If it just 1 press to turn on, it would be very simple to turn it on if you accidentally pressed your pocket, turning on the power button. This would cause the device to remain on and waste its battery without your knowledge. Therefore, the manufacturers of the Suorin device decided that the power button needs to be pressed a number of times to turn it on in order to save the battery life. 

If you want to turn off the vape device, press the power switch 5 times as well if you press to turn on it. If you use auto-draw activation, you can let it go if you want to close it.

Suorin Air Pro Using Experience

Although this Suorin device is small in shape and size, it is mighty in performance. The Suorin Air pro pod gives you an incredible throat hit once you take a smooth long draw. The device contains only one pod that contains a 1.0-ohm mesh coil, which introduces a new intake system of the airflow that extends and prolongs the duration of usability of the pod. It also has a dual firing mode feature that allows users to operate it by drawing in breath or activating the Suorin device using a button that will create flavor from the nicotine salt or e-juice you use. 

The vape device is easy to turn on and off, and the Suorin air pro cartridge is refillable, which allows you to add more vape juice whenever it runs low. Additionally, the air pro pod has a high battery capacity that can last for 2 days if used properly, thereby increasing the efficiency of the device. I am really satisfied when using it.

Air pro pod has a lot to offer in terms of ease of use and comfort. Its smooth small design allows the Suorin device to fit perfectly in your palm and pocket, making it easy for you to vape wherever you are.

Final Verdict

If I have to choose between the Suorin air pro vs Suorin air, I would go with the Suorin air pro pod device. This vape device has great flavor, is incredibly portable, has a classy elegant look, and has a large vape juice capacity. Suorin air pro pod kit is great in performance and I would recommend them to anyone struggling to quit smoking cigarettes.

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