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IPad Air 2020 Test: The Best Alternative To The iPad Pro

iPad Air 2020

IPad Air 2020 no longer looks like an iPad. Positioned in the middle of Apple’s lineup, its new version now brings it closer to the iPad Pro. New design, redesigned Touch ID button and top power, is it a cheaper alternative to the high-end model or just an ersatz? A New Wind On Design : […]

Nest Audio review: the modernized Google Home that finally loves sound

Announced at Google’s back-to-school conference, the Nest Audio is already here. Switched under the name Nest, which now includes all the brand’s devices for the home, this speaker actually replaces the old Google Home by bringing it upmarket. Enough to make it a really useful, audiophile and intelligent speaker? A Radical Look Change : Radical […]

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential review: the essentials for a ride

The Mi Scooter Essential is the entry-level electric scooters from Xiaomi. We tested it for several kilometers to give you a complete opinion. In July 2020, Xiaomi unveiled three new electric scooters, largely incorporating the characteristics of its previous models. A third variant came with them, however: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential, an entry-level […]

Realme announces SLED for TVs with better colors

Realme has just unveiled the world’s first SLED panel. To counter the OLED and especially the QLED of Samsung, Realme, the Chinese brand out of the thigh of Oppo, has just announced its own screen technology for televisions designed with John Rooymans of SPD Technology: the SLED. According to the manufacturer, this allows both to […]

Microsoft: the Office suite soon available for perpetual purchase, without subscription

From the second half of 2021, Microsoft will offer a perpetual purchase offer for its Office suite. This offer will make it possible to bypass traditional Microsoft 365 subscriptions through a single payment for a definitive unlocking. A one-time payment to avoid the annual or monthly renewal of your subscription to the Microsoft 365 package. […]

Chrome OS: what’s new to come?

What does Google have in store for us with Chrome OS? While Microsoft and Apple do not publish their roadmap in detail, Google is playing the transparency card. Here are some features that will be released soon. Since the Chrome OS system for Chromebooks is based on the open source Chromium OS project, its development […]