Guide to Selecting an Apple iPad 2023

iPad buyer guide

In today's digital age, tablets have become an essential gadget for people from all walks of life. An iPad is one of the most popular tablets available in the market. They are popular due to their ...

What Does SOS Mean on iPhone?

iphone sos function

For those unfamiliar with Apple products, the abbreviation “SOS” may be a mystery. As an Apple user, it’s important to understand this feature and how it can help you in an emergency situation. In ...

iPhone 15 Pro Industrial Design News

iPhone 15 Pro

The news about the upcoming iPhone 15 series has been buzzing lately as if all tech enthusiasts around have been waiting for a new generation of iPhones. Expectedly, this one will feature four models ...

Apple HomePod 2 VS HomePod 1

Apple HomePod 2 VS HomePod 1

The HomePod 2 is a newly released product from Apple that offers an improved, more immersive experience for all music lovers. It features increased sound quality, an updated design, and exclusive ...

iPhone Can Get Periscope From Samsung

iPhone Can Get Periscope From Samsung

Reports indicate that Apple may partner with Samsung to obtain a Periscope lens for its upcoming iPhones. Reports stated that Apple is looking to improve the camera system within its next devices, ...

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