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Huawei P50: The Design Is Revealed, And It Is… Astonishing!

Toward the beginning of the year, different reports were at that point coursing in regards to the new Huawei P50 and P50 Pro. Like the new iPhones or the new Samsung Galaxy, the new Huawei leads are firmly examined by fanatics of the brand (and others). A Huawei P50 territory that would clearly top off […]

iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Which Is The Best Smartphone?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max shoots portraits with a 2.5x telephoto lens, while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra uses its main camera, which means if taken ... Videos

Are you looking for a smartphone powerful enough to meet all your everyday requirements and especially your desire to take good photos? Samsung’s iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are those that tick all the boxes of a great premium smartphone. We compared them to help you make your choice. With its […]

PS5 Test: Crazy Loading Times, Unprecedented Gaming Performance, Sony Is A Game-Changer

PS5 review

The PlayStation 5, or PS5 for those in the know, is finally coming to market after years of waiting. The Sony machine promises to take console gaming to a new dimension with the addition of major technical innovations. We broiled it for you and today we deliver our verdict. Console of the future or simple […]

Redmi 9: Xiaomi entry level drops below 150 dollars, unprecedented

The Xiaomi Redmi 9 is back on sale for the summer sales. Initially offered at 180 dollars, it now goes to 129 dollars on Gearbest. The “entry-level gladiator” is Xiaomi’s affordable smartphone. The Chinese manufacturer has, as usual, offered an inexpensive smartphone for a completely honorable technical sheet. In addition, it is close to 100 […]

Roborock S6 MaxV review: the robot vacuum cleaner that clears all obstacles

In a market for robot vacuums which is struggling to take off, Roborock has succeeded in establishing itself as a benchmark. With the S6 MaxV, the manufacturer is adding two cameras and artificial intelligence to a model that has been proven to improve navigation and obstacle recognition. We tested it. Powered in its early days […]

Official OnePlus Nord: The best 5G smartphone on the market is here

The OnePlus Nord has just been made official and we have already been able to take it in hand to share our first feedback on this smartphone promising an excellent user experience for an affordable price. The OnePlus Nord has been officially presented. Like it or not, this name has the merit of intriguing a […]