Apple releases the iOS 13.1 Developer beta 1& Android 10 is set to roll out on September 3rd.

iOS 13.1 beta
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News 1

Today, Apple releases the iOS 13.1 Developer Beta 1, this is a kind of strange and unexpected for iOS 13 beta 9 isn’t even up yet. So we do have a few new features throughout.

The updates of the Apple 13.1 beta version are following:

1. Shortcuts Automations.

The shortcuts automation function has removed on iOS 13, but it returned on iOS 13.1 beta. You can realize the automation function by creating personal or home automation on automation app.


2. Sharing ETA

It allows users to share their estimated time of arrival with other users on the Maps app.

3. Dynamic Wallpaper

Before, this function only is available on iPhone X or later version. Now it can be available on other old versions.

4. AirPods volume indicator

When your iPhone connects with the Airpods,the Airpods icon will show on the volume bar.

5. New HomeKit icons

The home kit devices on the home app have updated, more detailed icons will be shown, and provide you with a better user experience.

6. Mouse support improvement

According to the developer Steve Troughton-Smith, when we connect the mouse with the iOS 13.1 and click the mouse right-click to get the 3D Touch function.

7. TestFlight indicator

The apps installed or updated via TestFlight will be denoted as green instead of yellow.

8. HEVC Improvements

According to Jeremy Horwitz, the iOS 13.1 adds the alpha channels to the HEVC video encoding, enables videos to be recorded with backgrounds that can be made transparent or invisible, for compositing or editing purposes. It will be more convenient for the users!

News 2

According to the news including from the google customer service, we knew that

Android 10 is set to roll out on September 3rd.

The Bugdroid’s colour of Android 10 will change the old green colour into the black for the old green was harder to read for those with certain visual impairments, and the new colour helps to sidestep that particular issue.

The new system will be shown you as an official dark theme on android. You can schedule Dark mode depending on the time of day, or you can have it always on or always off.

These are two news of the smartphone! And we will update the important and meaningful tech news on

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