Tesla Model S Plaid vs Lucid Air Dream Edition: the grand duel of premium electric sedans

If Lucid Motors had struck hard by unveiling its Lucid Air Dream Edition, its competitor Tesla quickly responded with a new version of the Model S even more powerful. Which of these two electric sedans stands out the most? Reply.

A match that starts before the hour

The Tesla Model S Plaid on one side, the Lucid Air Dream Edition on the other. Unveiled within two weeks of each other, the two cars are set to compete in the premium electric sedan segment. If the Model S Performance was until then the only version to be able to support the comparison with the Lucid Air Touring, Tesla holds here a new model capable of crossing swords with the best Lucid.


The two American manufacturers have unveiled a high-level technical sheet for each of their vehicle. For the past few years, companies in the sector have been waging a veritable war of numbers to have the last word on range, maximum speed and even speed of acceleration. And in this little game, it is clear that Tesla often has a small head start.

Technical Sheet Of The Tesla Model S Plaid And Lucid Air Dream Edition :

Tesla Model S Plaid Lucid Air Dream Edition
Power 1100 Hp 1080 Hp
Autonomy (EPA) 840 km 809 km
0-96 km/h <2,1 s 2,5 s
0-400 meters <9 s 9,9 s
Max speed 320 km/h 270 km/h
Price 139 900 $ 169 000 $
release End 2021 Spring 2021


The observation is clear: on paper, the Tesla Model S Plaid largely dominates its rival. Its power of 1100 horsepower (triple engine) is a bit better, its greater autonomy of a few tens of kilometres, its acceleration is faster by several tenths of a second, when its top speed outclasses it by 50 km/h.

Notable Price Difference :

Based on this premise, one could easily think that the Tesla sedan costs more. Nay! It even costs $ 30,000 cheaper: a noticeable difference even at this price range. It would also have been interesting to compare the weight of the two vehicles, but this figure remains unknown at the time of this writing.

In terms of connectivity and on-board technologies, the Lucid Air clearly gives pride of place to screens: there are three in the form of digital instrumentation, supported by a fourth electronically retractable panel located between the passenger and the driver. Opposite, the Tesla Model S Plaid will only offer a single large central screen, combined with smaller digital instrumentation.

Lucid Air: Faster Charging :

If Lucid Motors mentioned the presence of 32 sensors on its car, the manufacturer was not very talkative about future integrated autonomous features. On this point, Tesla has a good lead in the sector, which will have to be filled over time to provide an autonomous driving experience worthy of the name.

The Lucid Air stands out on one point, however: the charging power. According to the company, its 900 V architecture is compatible with a charging power of 300 kW (DC), compared to a maximum of 250 kW on Tesla’s side thanks to its V3 Superchargers. There is no indication that Elon Musk’s firm will not hit a new threshold within a year or two to come up with even higher horsepower.

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