The Xiaomi 15 series will be the first to get Snapdragon 8 Gen 4

With the excitement surrounding the Xiaomi 14 series fading, fans’ attention is shifting to Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship line, the Xiaomi 15 series.

So far, the most hopeful rumour suggests that these devices will have Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 CPU. However, there have been some rumors concerning new personal cameras for the Xiaomi 15 Pro and 15 Ultra.

Here’s all we know so far about the Xiaomi 15 series, including a release date, price, and potential features.

When will the Xiaomi 15 be released?

Xiaomi has yet to share any details about its next series of flagships. We expect them to come around the same time of year as their predecessors.

Here’s when the old models launched:

  • Xiaomi 13 on December 2022 (China), March 2023 (worldwide)
  • Xiaomi 12 on December 2021 (China), March 2022 (worldwide)

The Xiaomi 15 series will most likely be launched in China in December 2024, followed by a global debut in March 2025. However, if the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 is released earlier this year, the Xiaomi 15 launch date may be pushed forward.

Xiaomi 15

We predict three models: the Xiaomi 15, the Xiaomi 15 Pro, and the Xiaomi 15 Ultra. However, the Xiaomi 15 Pro, like the Xiaomi 14 Pro, may never leave China.

And, as with all Xiaomi phones, none of the 15 series phones are expected to be marketed in the United States. Your best bet would be to attempt to import one.

How much will the Xiaomi 15 cost?

As with the release date, there have been no details about how much the new models will cost, so we look to precedents for guidance.

Here are the prices of the previous generations:

  • Xiaomi 14: $999
  • Xiaomi 14 Ultra: $1499
  • Xiaomi 13 Lite: $499
  • Xiaomi 13: $999
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro: $1299
  • Xiaomi 13 Ultra: $1499
  • Xiaomi 12 Lite: $395
  • Xiaomi 12: $849
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro: $1049

The 13 range saw small price increases compared to the 12 series, however the 14 series maintained its pricing. We believe Xiaomi will keep to similar levels when the Xiaomi 15 range debuts.

However, according to Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station, the Xiaomi 15, 15 Pro, and15 Ultra may be more expensive than their values. It’s not clear how much more expensive.

Xiaomi 15

What features will be in Xiaomi 15?

At this point, there aren’t many rumors or leaks about the Xiaomi 15 series.

However, according to Digital Chat Station, the Xiaomi 15 series reached the next round of internal testing in April, with mass production beginning in September of this year.


Notebookcheck revealed information regarding the fingerprint scanner in the 15 series, indicating a switch to Goodix single-point ultrasonic technology from the optical fingerprint technology used in the Xiaomi 14 series.

Ultrasonic fingerprint identification, which uses ultrasonic waves beneath the screen, generally provides higher security and dependability, as it is faster, more accurate, and water resistant.


According to Digital Chat Station (via Gizmochina), the regular Xiaomi 15 will keep its 6.36-inch display size, similar to the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 14 models. Unlike the Pro edition, Xiaomi does not intend to use a curved panel on the regular model.

The leak also indicates that the panel will have a peak brightness of 1400 nits and a power-efficient 120Hz LTPO refresh rate technology.


Qualcomm’s next Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset is expected to launch in October, powering high-end mobile devices.

According to Yogesh Brar, a typically reputable source, Xiaomi appears to have an exclusive agreement to use the chipset initially. This suggests that the Xiaomi 15 series will most likely be the first to have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.


According to reports, Xiaomi intends to use the Omnivision OV64B in the Xiaomi 15 Pro, a 64MP sensor found in numerous POCO, Redmi, and Xiaomi devices, including the Poco X6 Pro. However, whereas the Poco X6 Pro employs this sensor as its primary camera, the Xiaomi 15 Pro is expected to use it for periscope telephoto capabilities.

The Xiaomi 15 Ultra may include a 200Mp periscope camera with a zoom range of 3x to 5x.

Despite these adjustments, the primary cameras are projected to stay at 50 megapixels. According to a leaker Digital Chat Station, “the Xiaomi 15 and 15 Pro will both feature a customised OmniVision 50mp main snapper with a 1/1.3-inch sensor size and a large (but undisclosed) aperture” (GSMArena).

Furthermore, they may include a unique multi-layer anti-reflection coating designed to improve light transmission while reducing glare and ghosting.

Battery & charging

According to Notebookcheck, the Xiaomi 15 and 15 Pro are fitted with high-density batteries, but their capacities are unknown at this time.

As a reminder, the Xiaomi 14 is powered by a 4,610mAh battery and supports fast 90W cable charging and 50W wireless charging.


The Xiaomi 15 series is expected to ship with Android 14 and Xiaomi’s HyperOS shell pre-installed. However, considering the projected December release date in China, it is probable that it will ship with Android 15 preinstalled.

This is all we presently know about Xiaomi’s forthcoming flagship devices. We will update this article as we learn something new.

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