WatchOS 6 Review: Should I Upgrade my Apple Watch to WatchOS 6

I believed that the Apple watch users had received the upgrade notification of WatchOS 6 yet. Did you update the system and experience it?

If not, let’s follow me to check it out! I will take the watch series 3 as an example to let you know should you upgrade your watch. The article will consist of 3 topics as following.

  1. Which models can be upgraded for watchOS 6?
  2. What are the new features of the new system?
  3. Ways to upgrade Apple Watch faster

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Which models can be upgraded for watchOS 6?

At this present, only the Apple Watch Series 3 and above support to upgrade for watchOS 6, and the Series 1 and Series 2 need to wait for a while. And the iPhone 6s and above support to upgrade for iOS 13.

What are the new features of the new system?

  • Watch Faces

Users of Apple Watch Series 4 and higher will gain access to the following seven new watch faces as a part of the watchOS 6 upgrades:

  • Meridian
  • California
  • Modular Compact
  • Solar Dial
  • Gradient
  • Numerals Duo
  • Numerals Mono

It can meet your functionality or fashionable requirement. From pretty to practical, the new complications can provide you with instant access to more of the apps and features. You can check the current decibel levels, cellular strength, or chance of rain. What’s more, you can tap to record a voice memo or dive right back into your audiobook. It is very convenient to use. The best function I love the most is, it can be used to mark time. You can set it as a time-reminder.

  • Enhanced Siri

It enhances the music recognition function and searching function. You can ask Siri to search a topic and then scroll through the web pages for the top results to you.


  • App Store

WatchOS version has its own App store and application, it is allowed users to download the application directly.

standalone app

Watch App Store is similar to the mobile phone’s, it has a feature application recommendation. Of course, you can also search in the search bar directly. What’s more, it supports voice typing.

I tested with the Series 3, I thought that the password verification may not have a standard verification setting. Sometimes, it needs to press the side-button for twice and enter the password. Sometimes, it needs to enter the APPLE ID to verify. For these situations, at first, I thought it might relate to the application whether it can use independently or not. But I still couldn’t find a rule after testing. Anyway, pressing the side button twice and entering the password will be more convenient for the user experience.

press to password

However, there are not many applications that can be used without iPhone at this present. Even on the Fabulous, which is on the official recommended list, still need to use with the iOS version.

At the bottom of the Apple Store, you can check the purchased items on my account.

Honestly speaking, the APPLE STORE of Apple watch has improved a lot, but it still needs a long time to separate-use.

Calculator, Voice Memos also can be used on Series 3. The interface of the calculator can display on the 38mm watch face appropriately. But it might be difficult for the male whose fingers are big to press the buttons correctly.

And the voice memos files can save synchronously to the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and you can listen or delete on the watch.

The functions which can’t be used are Compass, Noise detection. Because these functions need to work with the specific hardware, the APPLE Series 3 can’t support. But the Series 4 can support the noise detection.

The compass provides information such as direction, tilt, altitude, etc.. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The noise application can test the volume of the surrounding environment and remind the users to protect their hearing when the decibel exceeds 90.

Ways to upgrade Apple Watch faster

Most of the users are not satisfied with the watchOS upgraded speed in these years. It is really slow! When I checked and found 2 days remaining, it is terrible. And I tried a new way. I closed the phone Bluetooth on setting instead of the control centre, then opened the watch application and ignored the notification of opening the Bluetooth. And I found that the update speed has improved a lot, 2 days remaining changed into an hour remaining. Next, I turned on the Bluetooth. But, it had a problem that the watch lost the connection with the iPhone after upgraded and it needed to restart it to connect again. Therefore, I don’t suggest you do in this way if you have enough time to wait. Because I can’t be sure whether it just an example or not.

In general, watchOS 6 can work excellently on the APPLE Watch Series 3. it is very smooth to use. Expect the problems I mentioned above, I didn’t find any bugs until now. If you didn’t care about those problems, you can update your watch system right now!

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