Complete Guide: What is a 60% Keyboard?

Have you heard of the term “60 percent keyboard” and wondered what it means? This type of keyboard is becoming increasingly popular among users who want to maximize their typing speed and efficiency while providing maximum portability. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of a 60 percent keyboard and how you can use one to maximize your productivity. Let’s follow my article to take a closer look.

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What is a 60% Keyboard?

A 60 percent keyboard is exactly what it sounds like! A keyboard that contains only 60 percent of the keys on a full-size keyboard. This typically consists of all the letters, numbers, modifiers, and arrow keys. It does not include the function keys (F1 through F12) or other special keys such as Home or Page Up/Down. The result is a much smaller footprint compared to a full-size keyboard and makes it easier to transport.

How Many Keys are on a 60 Percent Keyboard?

A 60% keyboard typically has around 61 keys or 64 keys, including the alphanumeric keys and various modifier keys such as Control, Alt, Fn, and Shift. This is compared to a full-size keyboard which typically has around 104 keys.

61-key keyboard VS 64-key keyboard

The most obvious difference between the 61-key layout and the 64-key layout is the key near the shift key on the right.

61 keys keyboard: The classic layout, 2.75U shift key, and three 1.25U function keys.
64 keys keyboard: In order to insert the arrow keys, the shift key on the right is shortened. Then changed to three 1U buttons, and the bottom is also changed to five 1U buttons. The U here is meaning 1 unit key.

Normally the smallest keys are the alpha-numeric (A-Z, 0-9), they are square(-ish) and their size is referenced as 1 unit or simply 1U. Every keycap on a keyboard is built around the base size of a 1U. 

Why Does 60% Keyboard Come Out?

1. As desktop customization becomes more prevalent, so too does the demand for mechanical keyboards with space for personalization. The market is now flush with a huge variety of keyboards, including the compact 61% model. This popular little unit takes up only a fraction of the space of regular keyboards and is perfect for those who are constantly on the move.
2. With so many unused keys left on standard models, the popularity of the 61% is hardly surprising. Especially for many gamers, a smaller keyboard makes the most sense. Too many buttons can reduce speed and decrease work efficiency when every millisecond counts.

gaming keyboard

3. The 60% keyboard represents the ultimate in customization, providing unbeatable playability, macro programming, and customizable function keys. They can help you focus on what really matters: honing your skills, optimizing your strategy, and winning big.

These savvy users flock to 60% models because they offer an incredible level of interactivity, allowing gamers and hobbyists alike to personalize their keys and maximize their effectiveness.

How Does 60% Keyboard Reach the Full Keyboard Functions?

Just like I mentioned above, the 60% keyboards are ultimate in customization. Don’t let its size fool you—a 60 percent keyboard can still perform most of the functions of a full-size model.

1. Using Layer Keys for Additional Functions

The most common way that users access additional functions on their 60 percent keyboards is by using layer keys. A layer key is a single key on your keyboard that allows you to switch between two sets of functions. For example, if you press the “FN” key on your keyboard, it will switch to a second set of functions. Such as media controls or other shortcuts. By pressing it again, you can switch back to the original set of keys. This makes it easy to access additional functions without cluttering up your keyboard with too many extra keys.

2. Customizing Your Macros

By customizing macros or shortcuts for specific tasks. On mechanical keyboards, this usually involves programming each key individually so that it performs certain actions when pressed in combination with other keys or modifiers. Such as “Shift” and “Ctrl.” Many modern gaming keyboards also offer onboard macro customization. Making it easier than ever to customize your setup without needing any extra software or hardware.

3. Allowing You to Access More Keys Without Taking Up Too Much Space

Additionally, some 60% keyboards feature an additional row of arrow keys as well as dedicated page navigation buttons above the number row. That allows you to access more keys without taking up too much space on your desk or in your laptop bag. This makes them ideal for gamers who need quick access to frequently used commands and shortcuts on their gaming rigs without sacrificing portability and convenience for space savings.


60% of keyboards are designed for maximum efficiency and superior ergonomics.

  1. By removing bulky sections such as the number pad and function keys, users can achieve faster typing speeds without sacrificing accuracy.
  2. Much more comfortable to use than full-sized keyboards since they require less wrist movement when typing.
  3.  Some models come with built-in macros that allow users to quickly access common tasks with just one keystroke. Ideal for gamers and other power users who need quick access to frequently used commands or functions.


  1. For starters, they lack dedicated arrow keys which can make navigation difficult when working with documents or spreadsheets that require precise navigation movements.
  2. Lack of dedicated media controls and other special functions. People need to rely on hotkeys or third-party software in order to access these features.
  3. Small size and lack of dedicated function keys, some people may find them uncomfortable or awkward to use for long periods of time.

How to Select a 60% Keyboard?

1. Switch Type

The switches on a keyboard determine how the keys feel when typing. Some people prefer tactile switches while others prefer linear switches. It’s important to consider what switch type you prefer before selecting a keyboard.

2. Build Quality

The build quality of the keyboard is important since it affects how long the keyboard will last. Look for keyboards made from high-quality materials such as aluminum or steel.

3. Customizability

Many 60% keyboards allow for customization such as remapping keys and creating custom layers. This is important if you want to create a custom setup that maximizes your productivity.

4. Price

60% of keyboards can range in price from under $50 to over $200. Determine your budget and look for keyboards within your price range.

5. Brand Reputation

Consider the reputation of the brand when selecting a keyboard. Look for reviews from other users and make sure the brand has a history of producing quality products.

6. Layout:

While most 60% keyboards have a standard layout, some may have a slightly different layout. Look for a keyboard with a layout that is comfortable for you.

Overall, selecting a keyboard is a personal choice that should be based on your individual needs and preferences. Doing research and reading reviews can help you make an informed decision.


With its small size and enhanced ergonomics, using a 60% keyboard can provide serious benefits for improving typing speed and overall comfort. If you think this type of setup might be right for you then consider purchasing. With some practice and patience, anyone can unlock the full potential of their productivity with a well-designed 60% keyboard setup!

Frequently Ask

How to Screenshot on 60 Keyboard?

To take a screenshot on a 60% keyboard, press the Print Screen key. It is usually found in the top right corner of the board along with one of the modifier keys.

For example, if you press Alt + Print Screen, it will capture an image of the active window. If you press Fn + Print Screen, it will capture an image of your entire screen. Once you’ve taken the screenshot, you can paste it into any image-editing software or save it as an image file.

How to Use Arrow Keys on a 60 Percent Keyboard?

On a 60% keyboard, the arrow keys may be located in different areas than on a full-sized keyboard. But, most of the models will have the up and down arrows located on the right side of the board. Additionally, some keyboards may require you to press a modifier key such as Fn in order to use the arrow keys. Additionally, some keyboards may require you to press a modifier key. Such as Fn in order to use the arrow keys. If necessary, refer to the user manual or look up tutorials online for instructions on how to use the arrow keys correctly.

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