News: watchGPT Makes Apple Watch Work With ChatGPT

I have a pen. I have an apple. Ugh! Apple pen!

I have a pen. I have pineapple. Ugh! Pineapple pen!

I have an Apple Watch. I have ChatGPT. Ugh! watchGPT!

LOL…Today, there is news that Apple has approved the related application. Users can interact with ChatGPT on Apple Watch. Apple watch has revolutionized the way people keep up with technology! And now watchGPT is taking that to a whole new level.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the revolutionary artificial intelligence chat robot beloved by countless users around the world! It is set to make its debut on November 30th, 2022.

With more and more users, there are more and more devices and applications that support ChatGPT. It is reported today that Apple has already approved related applications, and users can interact with ChatGPT on Apple Watch. The app is called watchGPT!

What is watchGPT?

watchGPT is an app for the Apple watch which enables users to chat using chatGPT, a natural language processing-based artificial intelligence platform. watchGPT makes conversations with AI more natural than ever before because it mimics human-to-human interaction. With this app, you can now interact with the famous GPT model right from your wrist.

However, it is only four language versions available. Only supported: English, Dutch, French, and Spanish. Maybe more adaptable content will be improved in the future.
watchGPT APP

watchGPT features

The news released by Apple shows that the newly launched watchGPT application mainly has the following functions:

Interact with ChatGPT on Apple Watch

Get quick answers to questions or generate relevant messages without typing

Share records of your ChatGPT interactions with others via text message, email, or social media

Set up watchGPT as an easily accessible complex program
apple watch watchgpt screenshot

How to Get watchGPT on Apple Watch?

Judging from the news released by Apple, the watchGPT app, which interacts with ChatGPT on Apple Watch, is already available for purchase in the App Store. It is with a one-time purchase price of $3.99 or €4.99. It is compatible with devices requiring iOS 13.0 or later!

How to Use watchGPT?

  1. Search the watchGPT app on Apple Store
  2. Download the watchGPT app and get a one-time purchase price of $3.99 or €99
  3. Open the app and connect with your  ChatGPT account
  4. Click the ‘Ask me Anything’ button and type out the query you want to ask using the on-screen keyboard or the voice button to talk to it.
  5. If you want to share the answer with others, you can click on the ‘Share’ button to share. If you want to ask another question, you can click “done” to finish this one

Apple also stated on its official website that knowledge from a large number of sources can be easily obtained through watchGPT.
It interprets voice commands and responds in real-time, making it a great way to converse with AI.

Overall, watchGPT is an impressive chat application for the Apple watch, combining natural language processing and AI technology to create a truly interactive chatbot experience. With watchGPT, users can communicate with AI in a more natural way than ever before. It’s no wonder watchGPT is becoming so popular among tech-savvy Apple Watch owners!

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