Windows 10: The Next Version Would Cut Into Fat To Get To The Basics


Microsoft would really like to break away many unused features on Windows to refocus.


At the time of its launch, Windows 10 was a superb new foundation for Microsoft on which the publisher would be ready to offer long-term updates.

Over the years, the system has seen several major updates that have added tons of latest features, sometimes with a Microsoft trying to find the “next big thing” that was getting to buzz.

These include the addition of Paint 3D at the Creators Update, and Microsoft’s investments in “mixed reality.” numerous additions that, by accumulating, could make Windows 10 a touch too rich, if not heavy.

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Getting Back To Basics :

For the main update scheduled for the top of the year and dubbed Sun Valley, Microsoft would work to simplify Windows 10. This update should include a pleasant redesign of the interface, but also tons of changes to form the system more modern and convenient to use.

It will also require a little cleaning by developers on rarely used functions. So Paint 3D and other related programs are going to be uninstalled by default and become optional.

We had already noticed the disappearance of the 3D Objects folder on the newest Insider versions, and the trend should be confirmed within the coming months.

Those who need this file or functions will always be ready to find them by activating certain options, except for the foremost part the general public , who don’t need it, all this may disappear.

The WindowsLatest site also mentions the approaching demise of the maths Input Panel, which made it easier to insert mathematical equations or formulas into documents.

Cortana Should Survive The Cleanup :

WindowsLatest also says Microsoft services should still survive this great cleanup. Notably the assistant Cortana who has never met with great success with the overall public.

Cortana has evolved tons since the start of Windows 10, and therefore the assistant is now quite disconnected from the system. it had been the Bing program that replaced it within the taskbar.



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