Review: Xiaomi 33 inch TV Soundbar

Xiaomi always took its fans by surprise when it announced an amazing product that would be paired with its growing range of smart TVs. The Xiaomi TV Speaker, as it is called, comes with a simple design. But its build has all the attributes of a quality product for which Xiaomi is known.

Xiaomi rectangle-shaped Bluetooth TV speaker is a bar with a simple and minimalist design with a body with a long stripe design and a front covered in fabric. It is designed to be simple and combined with Xiaomi TV and supports most TVs on the market.

You can find the construction of eight units of speakers:

  • two 20-core dome treble
  • four Passive radiatorsand
  • two 2.5-inch woofers.

It will have a SPDIF optical input, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, AV audio input, and RCA for stereo.

The Mi TV Speaker bar will also have Bluetooth connectivity. So in addition to being able to use it for the TV, you can also connect to any mobile, tablet, or device with this technology to listen to it. At the top of the speaker, we will find a control panel composed of seven physical buttons, with which we can raise and lower the sound.  Connect the Bluetooth or navigate between the different audio inputs. It can listen and speak like your real friend. It can make you experience the effect of cinema at home. What’s more, it supports wall-mounting and seat-mounting. You are free to choose according to your actual situation.

Main features:


  • Eight sound units for really pleasant sounds
  • Multiple device interfaces for easy connection
  • Stylish fabric material design
  • Supports wall and seat installation
  • Supporting Bluetooth playback


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