Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G VS Xiaomi 9: Worth Purchasing Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G?

Xiaomi finally released its new mobile phone Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G on September 24, for it didn’t have a new one since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 9. And this article, let’s talk about the differences.

As we all know, Xiaomi Mi 9 is a good performance smartphone, but its battery is only 3300 mAh so it is competitive-limited. But this time, the Mi 9 Pro totally solves this problem. In a way, Mi 9 Pro is the perfect vision of the Mi 9.

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According to the phone parameter above, we can know that the Xiaomi 9 Pro has not had much significant improvement in performance. The Snapdragon 855Plus is just a processor which improves the processor Running speed. But it is not an obvious difference in daily use.


However, the upgrade of Xiaomi 9 Pro in the user experience is quite great, such as longer battery life, which is a weakness of Xiaomi 9. With faster charging-speed, 40W fast charge, and 30W wireless charging, the charging experience instantly improves N levels.

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In addition, the Xiaomi 9 Pro enhances the audio experience and the vibration feel. It enhances the heat dissipation capability and has many humanized changes in the system. If you just look at the parameters, you may think that the Xiaomi 9 Pro doesn’t improve a lot, but if you experience it, you will know its differences obviously.

And, in terms of its weight, it has increased from 173 g to 196 g because of the larger battery and wireless charging. But it is a little heavy for me to have a good feel compared to the Xiaomi 9. Anyway, different people have different feelings, it is light in all current 5G mobile phones, and getting used to it is OK.


About the 5G, the current Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G only supports the NSA protocol 5G network, which is a single-mode 5G mobile phone. But the future will be the era of dual-mode 5G, which is not friendly to Xiaomi 9 Pro. What’s more, it still uses the UFS 2.1 flash Storage for most of the 5G mobile phones are equipped with UFS3.0. (And it is not sure whether UFS2.0 can take advantage of high-speed storage.) Therefore, it is not recommended that you choose this phone for the selling point 5G smartphone.

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About the price, the Pro version is 800 RMB(~$120) more expensive than the standard version, but I think it is quite reasonable and acceptable. After all, you can get a perfect Xiaomi 9 at only $120.

In summary, Xiaomi 9 Pro should be regarded as a regular expansion model of the Xiaomi 9. With more hardware parameters on this basis, Xiaomi 9 Pro is a great smartphone worth waiting for.

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