Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential review: the essentials for a ride

The Mi Scooter Essential is the entry-level electric scooters from Xiaomi. We tested it for several kilometers to give you a complete opinion.
Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essentia

In July 2020, Xiaomi unveiled three new electric scooters, largely incorporating the characteristics of its previous models. A third variant came with them, however: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential, an entry-level scooter that is content … with the essentials. Here is our full review.

This test was carried out with a Mi Scooter Essential electric scooter loaned by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential Datasheet :

ModelXiaomi Mi Scooter Essential
Autonomy announced20 km
Maximum speed20 km/h
Engine power250 watts
Maximum weight100 kg


Design: Take (Almost) The Same And Start Again

It seems that you don’t change a winning team. Xiaomi’s formula for its electric scooters must be a winner given the few changes made from one model to another and the Mi Scooter Essential is no exception to this rule. Understand that at first glance, it almost looks like the Mi Electric Scooter 1S or just the M365, although if you pay more attention you can still see some differences.

With its 12 kg, the Mi Scooter Essential remains transportable

Regarding its dimensions, no surprise, they are strictly identical to the other models of the brand, namely 1.14 meters high, 1.08 meters long and 43 cm wide – at the handlebars. However, there is a slight drop in weight for a total of 12 kg on the scale, against 12.5 kg for the Mi 1S. 500 grams saved almost exclusively on the battery, the rest of the elements being very close.

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It therefore has the same qualities and the same defects as its big sister, like its rather tight deck (14.4 cm) which does not allow you to comfortably put both feet in parallel, its many reflectors allowing you to be seen. in all situations or even its rear mudguard which avoids the biggest splashes. The attachment system also remains the same and always allows you to switch from the folded state to the unfolded state – and vice versa – in a jiffy while still ensuring good strength at the level of the stem and avoiding a fold. unwanted during the journey. The screen doesn’t change either, with an at-a-glance view of speed, driving mode and range, even in bright sunlight. We would have appreciated a little extra clock and maybe an estimate of the mileage remaining on a charge, but the absence of these elements is not a problem.

The Mi Scooter Essential's rigging system is solid

It’s a shame that the height of the handlebars is still not adjustable, which may prove uncomfortable for people who are short or very tall. Likewise, the handles cannot fold up, so the Mi Essential remains quite imposing when folded up, which can be a problem in smaller apartments.

We can also mention the presence of inner tube tires, which Xiaomi claims have been reinforced since the M365 and its numerous punctures. It is certainly a little more comfortable than solid tires on rough roads, but it would have reassured the longevity of the scooter. Especially since the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential does not have suspensions and each passage through a pothole on the road will have an impact directly in your arms no matter what.

Mi Essential rear wheel

Like the other 2 models of this generation, the Mi Essential is supplied with a spare wheel and a code lock. This takes place in the rear wheel of the scooter, the only place to which it can be attached. A frame loop would still be a better option, although it is obviously more difficult to disassemble a scooter wheel than a bicycle wheel.

Notable change compared to the Mi 1S: the handles are no longer made of silicone, but in a kind of rigid foam. It’s more comfortable, but it doesn’t really exude quality and it will be necessary to see in the long term if it proves to be resistant to the elements as well. Xiaomi does, however, ensure an IP54 certification, ensuring that splashes and rain will not prevent it from functioning.

A Father’s Conduct :

If you glance over the technical sheet of the Mi Electric Scooter Essential, you might think that it offers more or less the same performance as the Mi 1S. With its nominal power of 250 W and its maximum power of 500 W, it displays the same brush less motor, but software limited to a lower speed. Result: it will never exceed 20 km/h – against 25 km/h for its big sister. 5 km/h doesn’t seem like much, but once on the road the difference is enormous.

You can easily see his speed thanks to the screen

Whether it’s to overtake a sluggish cyclist, to get into traffic quickly when going green or to get out of an unpleasant area like a dangerous intersection, the Mi Electric Scooter Essential lacks that clean little quick acceleration. to the electric that we appreciate on the more upscale models. Allow about 7 seconds to reach your maximum speed on the flat (with a load of 75 kg).

This lack of power is also felt in the long straights with a headwind or a very slight hill. The basic 20 km/h then tend to turn into 18 km/h, or even 15 km/h when the bad conditions are met.

The deck is a bit tight The deck is a bit tight

As on the previous models, Xiaomi offers three driving modes on the Mi Scooter Essential: pedestrian, standard and sport. The former is designed for walking on sidewalks, the latter for making the most of the engine’s power and Standard mode for saving energy. Set to 20 km/h on the most powerful scooters of the brand, it is here limited to 15 km/h. At this rate, I must admit that I almost wanted to pull out a book while driving to pass the time …

We particularly like the throttle lever which allows precise speed control and almost eliminates the need to use the manual brake except in emergencies with a little habit. This makes driving very pleasant and above all very accessible to grip and makes it ideal for a first electric scooter.

The throttle is smooth

  • The New Xiaomi Generation :

Just like with the 1S, and most certainly the Pro 2, Xiaomi has however improved some shortcomings of its previous models on the Mi Essential. This is particularly the case with braking.

Between its adjustable regenerative braking in the application and its rear disc brake, you feel quite safe on this new generation of electric scooters. It doesn’t hit the spot like some of the entry-level competitors, but stops quickly in an emergency. As on the 1S, we notice a small stall of the rear wheel in the event of an emergency stop, but less marked due to the reduced speed.

The brake of the Mi Essential is effective without being too brutal

Finally, as mentioned above and as is the case with most electric scooters in this budget, the lack of shock absorbers makes driving unpleasant on cobblestones. Prefer very flat roads.

Xiaomi Home, A Doubtable Utility :

The previous journalist having tested the model loaned to us by Xiaomi not having dissociated the electric scooter from his smartphone, we were not able to pair the scooter with a phone. However, everything that was said in the Mi 1S test remains valid.

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Was this a problem? Not really. The Mi Home app is not an example of ergonomics. Apart from the one-off consultation of your total mileage, there is a good chance that you will never launch the application after the first settings consisting of managing the strength of the energy recovery, whether or not the fire is started. stepless reverse or cruise control activation.

After all, the LCD display on the handlebars already gives most of the necessary information.

A Battery Designed For Everyday Citizen :

The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 5100 mAh, which is 33% less than the Mi 1S. On paper, this difference is reflected to the nearest km on the autonomy with 20 km of autonomy announced, against 30 km for its big sister.

In fact, the Mi Essential is doing a little better, especially because of its lower top speed, which means you have to drive more economically. So while I averaged 20 km with the Mi 1S, I had no trouble going up to 15 km effective with the Mi Essential. With a more flexible ride oriented “ride” and passages in Standard mode (15 km/h), you should reach 18 km. Everything depends of course on the travel conditions (on-board weight, slopes, wind, use of lights…).

The lamp of the Mi Scooter Essential

If this may be suitable for my use knowing that I live within a radius of 5 km from my place of work, with a generally flat route – or 10 km round trip, which even leaves me a little room to make a detour -, the average distance traveled in a day for daily transport is closer to 20 km, or even exceeds them (21.4 to 22.2 km according to Institut Paris Region in 2011 and 25.76 km according to SD Worx on the Europe in 2018). It therefore remains reserved for people making very short trips on a daily basis.

Of the people questioned in the editorial staff, very few would be able to make a round trip on a single charge, the average actually being rather between 20 and 25 km. Suffice to say that you have an interest in keeping your charger on you to avoid the blow of the breakdown.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential :

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential is available at select retailers for a suggested price of 300 euros (about 350 $). This is a great price for an electric scooter of this quality.

-Buy Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter


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